LCD connection questions

I ordered the LCD for my first Shruthi from the Mutable Instruments store. It had red characters and was from xiamen ocular. When I was sourcing my own I got New Haven LCDs . They have two sets of 16 terminals. Only one needs to be connected to the control board, apparently. My question is whether the two terminals are interchangeable. I want to use one of terminals from the bottom set, because its counterpart on the top row looks damaged.

Also, is it possible to damage an LCD by connecting them incorrectly?


According to the Datasheet the pads to the top are the same as the pads on the other side (watch out pin 1 position!). I dont know if it will work anyway, my quick brwose thru the datasheet didnt show that its HD44780 compatible at all…
And shure, you can damage a LCD by misconnecting. A fact thats true for most of all these pesky little electronic parts . . .

edit: sorry for probably ruining your evening :wink:

You ruined my afternoon, actually. index finger at nose, adjusting glasses I have two of these and they seem to work. One’s green and another’s blue. Hmmm. I wonder if that could explain why I sometimes get weird results when disconnecting and reconnecting.

The part is HD44780 compatible, no worry.

Even with no MCU connected to it, if the contrast is set correctly and there’s a backlight voltage, you should see a row of square characters.

Check the datasheet the pin!

The pins of the data is always equal to 99% but sometimes reverse the power pins! pin 1 / 2 and 15/16!

Especially if you buy them in china!