LCD Brightness

Is it possible to make the LCD look brighter? Maybe by changing a resistor value?

yeah, by lowering that value

Depends on which LCDs you have.

For the LCDs that come with the kit, 68 is the value recommended by the supplier - use a smaller value at your own risks.

For other LCDs, check the specs! A value as low as 4.7 ohm is needed in some cases. Some modules even include a built-in current limiting resistor, so you need to bypass the resistor here.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at the specs!

Heres the datasheet
120mA current for the LCD

I’ll try to measure it and see what works.

oh interesting, i didn’t know that (built in limiting resistor).
that might be a possible explanation why i can’t change brightness on my mbsid when using for example a white on blue display, while a black on green works.
could be some other reason as well though…

120mA is a lot, you need to use a much smaller resistor.

Edited, didn’t make sense :wink:

Not sure what you are doing - this should be (5 - operating voltage of the LCD) / R = current. One end of the resistor is at 5V, the other end is not grounded!

Oh… Ok then that would be (5V - 4.5V) / R = 0.12A <=> 0.5V / 0.12A = 4.167Ohm ?
Yes, I know I suck at math…

no you don’t :wink:
it’s correct

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

I used a 4.7Ohm resistor and the display is nice and bright now!