LCD alternative choice


i gonna built my first ambika but the LCD i want (805-51850NFJSLWADN) on mouser is out of stock till mid-january.

anyone can tell me if this one (from mouser too) is ok?? need a resistance??

or this one from farnell??



You can use both… i just noticed that the display is more than 5 euro cheaper wit farnell in france then farnell in Holland!
I think they both need a resistor.
Note that the Mouser one is white letters on black
And the farnell is Black letters on white.

You can also get really cheap ones here
They have nice colors and they are pretty fast but the viewing angle is not that good.
But the optrex at mouser is really nice, don’t know about the farnell one.

Actually the mouser one (C-51850NFQJ-LG-ACN) is green letters on black.
Never trust the pictures and description at mouser! Always look at the data sheet.
And the LCD you want, but is out of stock (C-51850NFJ-SLW-ADN) is black letters on white.

Oh yes… it clearly says so in the description… my mistake

hey thanks guys!

do you know if these ones need a resistor too??
if yes, what resistor??


sorry, these ones

they don’t need a resistor…


I found the white optrex on digikey here

Can someone tell me if this one requires a resistor?
It’s just different colour to the yellow green one.

the build guide says “Note the bridge done with the leg of a resistor on the resistor labelled 0R. This is because the LCD module provided by Mutable Instruments does not need a current limiting resistor for its backlight. However, if your LCD module comes from Optrex (green on black, with a white frame), you need to solder a 100 ohm resistor there – otherwise the internal backlight LED of the module will be damaged.” Although in the picture I can’t for the life of me see a bridge.

The white Optrex is the same (barring the different color LED) as the green-on-black Optrex. So, make sure to fit a 100R resistor.

A bridge made from resistor leg clippings can be small enough to be hard to see :slight_smile:

I just zoomed and mega scoured the picture. It is literally on the very edge of the bottom right corner.

Thanks for answering regarding the resistor. Wasn’t too sure. Extremely helpful. Cheers.

NP! Anytime.

I was just being brash enough to answer, without really checking that picture. Totally see where you’re coming from now!

For future browsers, I just built an Ambika with the white on black transmissive Optrex/Kyocera C-51850NFQJ-LW-AAN. 100ohms is OK, but I tested a parallel resistor to give 68ohms which was brigher, so I might switch it out.

what I do is have a 200R pot with some wires which I install temporarily, dial in the brightness I like, and replace with the corresponding resistor. Those Kyocera displays really have a small sweet spot that you really have to dial in

I wanted to let you know that I successfully used for the display a MIDAS - MC24005A6W-FPTLW found at farnell’s. It is not necessary to use a 100 ohm resistor but in my case I found that a 50 resistor gave the right brightness. Farnell’s ref number is 2063178.

I did go to as low as 20 Ohm for the white Optrex… I needed it to shine through a dark grey case.

I haven’t tried them, but UK-electronic are offering low-price 40x2 LCDs