lcd_altern_rom + compiled 0.95 Firmware


today I finished my second shruthi.
I used a red display and now, I have some character issues. There is a update, but I am too stupid to compile it correctly.
Please, can someone put these files together.

See also

thousand thanks


wrong categorie, Admin please shift

.hex and .mid files are available in the the thread you have mentioned. Have you tried them?

Yes I try, but it seems that the link doesn’t work anymore

checked the link again => works. But it is 0.94. But I need 0.95

Sorry, I haven’t merged those change with v0.95 yet. At the moment, I have little incentive to work on that - I don’t think it’s my duty to make sure the firmware or circuit work with unusual parts!

No, problem. Can I merge this files by myself with avr Studio?

Look at the differences between v0.94 et v0.94 altern rom, and propagate those changes into v0.95. The main skill required here is git + understanding the Shruthi-1 code.