Layout or vero from Box'o'Trix (squeeze box only) schematics

Hi I’d now like to build a compression pedal with side-chain features. I didn’t find a single one on the DIY community (if you know one, please show me !) when I found Seb’s Box’O’Trix :, that he doesn’t support anymore.

I’m only interested in the Squeeze Box section of this monster, that has this side-chain ability, and on top of all the data on the website (BOM, schematics, labels, instructions), Seb even gave me the Gerber. But What only speaks to me is layout or veroboard, I’m not good at all in electronics. Seb kindly helped me hoping for a ducking future, I’d like to ask for help in “converting” the Squeeze-box schematics to something I can build myself. The idea is to focus on only one SqueezeBox section with ins/outs and vumeter if not too complicated. I can’t flash IC’s, but I believe the pre-programmed IC’s Seb used to sell are for MIDI gating, am I right ?

The “gssl” compressor is relatively simple and the schematics are freely available. That could be a good starting point.

Hallo Johannes, and thanks for your reply ! How you’re doing with your kid ? Happy to see we both still squat the DIY zone :slight_smile:
I didn’t know about this project, but I quickly discovered a > 200 parts counts vs. a simple 60-ish for my idea of project. Don’t know if that matters for the sound at the end of the day, but, besides the cost and time, I always fear “the more complex, the more likely it won’t ever work”. Let’s stay positive : the simpler the more the project will be reliable (nuclearsound-wise). I think it will be safer if I can try my Squeezebox instead !

:) The kid is fine, it keeps me away from DIY more than I would like but hey, I kind of expected that.

The GSSL is just one out of many, but it has a decent “community” and many, many forum posts about it, so chances of getting it to work are higher.
Re: complexity: The input and output stages can be left out (no balanced ins/outs needed for a stompbox, I guess). And if you need mono only, it reduces the complexity even more.
Power supply could become an issue