Late to the MI party but super grateful

So I only bought my first Mutable Intruments modules (used) in the last couple of months, I had an issue with one, reached out to support, received a reply from Émilie within a few hours, the next day one of the modules was off on a New Zealand to Paris air trip.

Once arrived Émilie sent me a quick video showing my module working perfectly, the magic module elves must’ve fixed it en-route, but regardless I’m happy.

Émilie took the trouble to strip my module down, give her a good old clean up and refresh ready for a return flight home to me good as new.

I just wanted to say how pleasant the whole experience was for me as a consumer and budding beep/blooper.

Émilie is a super kind, friendly genius, it’s a real shame for us that Mutable Instruments will not always be around, but there is beauty in impermanence and I’m just grateful to of had such a positive entry into my journey.

Thank you Émilie, I’m sure everyone in this community wishes you well for your future endeavours.