Late to the game - Anushri DIY options in 2015

Just found out about this amazing sounding machine but it looks like it was a little too late!

As it seems right now, Anushri kits from MI are sold out forever and only the enclosures are left. Groups like Laurentide SynthWorks have started reproducing Shruthi and Ambika but I haven’t seen anyone selling any more Anushri out there besides in the used market.

As of now, what options are there for making one myself?
-There’s the PCB and BOM resources here:

-If I were to get a PCB made and buy the materials listed, is that all I need? No programmed chips or anything that could only come from MI?

-Does anyone have a ballpark idea how much those materials cost in total if I sourced them myself(USA)? (Assume that I got a decent price on the PCBs from a group buy or something)

  • Does anyone know of any third parties selling these as kits anymore?

> No programmed chips or anything that could only come from MI?

No secret sauce here, you can program the chips yourself.

Any advise as to a good programmer for the experimenter? i.e. easy to use, cheap but flexible :slight_smile:

No idea about what’s Atmel’s “official” programmer now that they have discontinued the AVR ISP mkII.

I’d try something in the USBtiny family, like this or Adafruit’s.

yes , i programmed my anushri with it, so it works (W7) check the tutorial on the forum

any idea where i get Anushri pcbs? I need only one!