Late Night Brain Malfunction: Combining Two Mixers

Purpose of a prejudice is makin you life easier, isn’t it? :wink:
Id like to unscrew the Samson and see that its the same circuit using the same cheapo OpAmps just like all the others. Done that for a highly praised Mackie - in fact the same Chips, just crappier Jacks….

@herrprof I was using a tiny €60 Behringer desktop mixer before and the sound quality was perfectly fine. For me, the Samson SM10 is a much better choice than the Behringer 1602 because I really wanted those stereo effect sends, but I don’t believe for a minute that there’s any noticeable difference in terms of sound quality between the two.

Maybe something like the Rane SM82S is going to give you a slightly lower noise floor, but then you’re also paying three times the price for less features than the SM10.

Ive had to use behringer mixer stuff a few times in a live setting and have been pretty underwhelmed. Any mixer sub $500 is probably a wash anyway you look at it.

That’s because they don’t add the magic fairies to anything sub-$500?

What’s funny about Behringer is that even though people sure love bitching about their gear, professional reviews such as those from Sound on Sound have always been pretty positive, even as far back as 20 years ago:

“I recently set up one in St Paul’s Cathedral to record a choir conducted by Sir Yehudi Menuhin while the other was busy downstairs in the crypt as part of a PA system for Prince Philip! The Folios performed excellently, but I wouldn’t have hesitated to use a couple of MX1602s, had they been available at the time, or indeed a number of other models of compact mixer that have come onto the market since the Folio.”

“The audio performance compares well with other 8-buss consoles, most of which cost rather more.”

“Good sound quality and flexible EQ. A neat and functional mixer that performs well, at a very attractive price. Useful for basic multitrack, live sound, installations and general purpose mic/line mixing.”

”Good sound. What can I say? Anyone in the market for a cost-effective 8-buss mixer ignores the MX3282 at their peril.”

But apparently those professional reviewers can’t hear the difference between “a wash” and pristine magical fairy sound.

Well…… partly right. The very small ones are superb - like t2Ks 1002 or the 802 i use as headphone amp with the modular or all these RX1602s.

The midrange is more or less a Noise Generator - i tested a Xenyx 2442 - if you crank up the Gain, distribute the Channels in the Stereo Field and play with the faders you can simulate waves at the Shore.

The “Big” Live consoles like the SX4882 or the XL3200 are as good as it gets and outperform most other Consoles in this price range and way above - remember these are meant for Live use and not as Lab Equipment. The X32 Series is absolutely top notch, it only gets better if you change the PreAmps to even better ones.

I guess the Bad reputation comes from all these MidRange thingies and people expect that their music thru 24 Input 19"Console with 2 Internal Digital FX at 299€ should sound like Trevor Horn using a 5088 being disappointed.

Conclusion: you get what you pay for and you will have to know the limitations of your equipment. More expensive Equipment won’t necessarily enable you to reach better results.

Apologies in case I sound a bit too pissed and please don’t take this personal. I really am getting a bit tired of this kind of ongoing FUD that drives inexperienced people like me to go out and buy much more expensive gear than they really need to produce good sounding music. :slight_smile:

I have a Samson patch bay and it’s top notch… nowhere close to Behringer patch bays I used before for sure.

Sending 3 x JH Living VCOs beating nicely through Behringer RX1602 and through Rolls RM203 upgraded with OPA2134 (instead of BA4560) and decent audio grade caps makes a very noticeable difference.