Late Night Brain Malfunction: Combining Two Mixers

Greetings friendly and knowledgable MI peeps!

My brain has ceased to function, and I’m contemplating some crazy study ideas. I cannot work out this problem. Here goes…

I have an old Mackie CR1604 that I LOVE. I tried to get rid of it and I couldn’t. I also want more channels. “Let’s just buy another CR1604 and a Mackie Mixermixer, and then I’ll have 32 channels![](” Awesome) But… How does this work with the send/returns? So the mixermixer allows you to combine up to three mixers’ Aux outputs, and then gives six combined Aux outputs. What about the Returns? How does that work?! So each mixer will have four Returns, but can you not Return to both mixers? If you use the Returns on mixer one (or two, I guess), does it just get summed to the master output?

I need sleep. Thanks for your help!

That Samson box looks great, by the way. Stereo sends are so rare, that’s awesome. Only thing that seems weird is that there’s no outputs for the Mix B? So I can assign things to it, but only hear it through the headphone outs? An extra set of jacks on the back for that would have made it absolutely killer.

I have a small Behringer and it’s perfectly fine. Once I hated everything Behringer, and I bought a cheap used Soundcraft instead, one of the small Spirit Folios from the early-mid 90’s, thinking that the logo made it sound better. This is not the case.

I also have an Allen & Heath MixWizard, and it’s in a different league, both soundwise and quality wise. But the Behringer is perfectly fine for what it does.

You use the returns on one of the mixers and it gets added to the stereo signal as usual.

I don’t think you really need to set the levels of the returns individually on both mixers.

As 6581 says: a Return just adds the Signal to the Stereo Bus on these Typo of Mixers. Benefit is you now have the double amount of returns!

Think of it like this: a return is just like a regular (stereo) channel, just with less comtrols. :wink:


or the send return pair is just another tiny mixermixer :smiley:

AWESOME! I think I will pursue this quest.

I was looking at newer hybrid mixers, like the Studiolive stuff or the new Soundcraft signature 22 mtk, but this would mean that I get more channel inputs and I don’t have to spend a bunch on a newer, bigger mixer.

I’ve been wanting to replace my tiny Behringer desk with a 19" line mixer, but I had a hard time finding one with the right balance of sound quality, features and price. Until I came across the Samson SM10 earlier today which I immediately ordered. It looks absolutely brilliant for my needs, and one of the interesting things is that it does not label its effect returns as returns, but just as additional stereo inputs with less controls:

Oh, the Samson SM10 is on my wish list since several month. But I couldn’t decide to buy it. Please, can you give a little report or opinion about it when you get it?

Will do. What makes you hesitant about it?

First: there is also the cheaper Behringer RX1602 and the more expensive Tascam LM-8ST. Feature wise I like the Samson SM10 best. But can’t find much opinions/tests on the net.
Second: I don’t know exactly which way to go, yet. Currently I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 rack and a small Mackie 802 VLZ4 and need more inputs and also need min. two sends for my rack effect units. Unfortunately I have no place for a bigger mixer.

The 1602 only has one FX send (sadly) and you need to mod it to post fader - other wise its perfectly fine any i have 3 of them - one in every rack just because they are so versatile and cheap.

The send on the 1602 is mono, both the send (post) bus and the monitor (pre) bus are stereo on the SM10.

@cj55 I’ve only just hooked it up and used it for a few hours, but I really like the SM10. It also has one of the best manuals I’ve seen so far for a mixer. The only downside I can think of is that the pots are tiny so it’s a bit fiddly compared with a mixing desk, but that’s about it.

They’re small and wobbly on a Samson I have, but it was cheap for a 16 channel mixer.

@6581punk The pots are tiny, but there’s nothing wobbly about them. The whole unit feels extremely solid and well-built.


Could use less XLR and more line connectors though.

Ive been eyeing the samson for a while but id never put my audio through anything active with the words behringer on them. Kinda seems to defeat the purpose of owning quality synth gear :D/