Last solders and troubleshooting at step 11

Hello guys!

As I am building a shruthi 4-pole ( first project)
I have encountered some troubleshooting at step 11!

First, the encoder won’t show different led patterns;
but note first that it isn’t soldered yet because it seems that he has
two missing “legs” at the top. So, I am not able to know if the problem
comes from the missing parts or from the unsoldering ( which is why I don’t want
to solder it yet).

Second, the LCD doesn’t show any writing ( or anything else). I haven’t soldered it yet
but when I make it be in contact it reacts and shows normal brightness. I have turned the R21
trimmer clockwise and counterclockwise but nothing changed.

Did I burn something?

Thank you for your help and I hope some of you will be able to answer me in french,
because as you can see, english is not my first language!

  • If the encoder is missing some “legs”, then it is not the right part!
  • What is the LED pattern displayed? You might have fried the 165 if the board touched the filter board below it.
  • You need to turn the trimmer for a long time to setup the contrast.
  • Trying to make a good contact with the LCD without soldering it is tricky. And if you want to use this technique, you need to have a perfect contact on all 16 pins while booting the Shruthi (the Shruthi sends a configuration sequence at boot to the LCD, it won’t work without this sequence). Powering the Shruthi and connecting the LCD afterwards simply don’t work.
  • this is what I was thinking, I’ll buy another one ( if you have any reference…)
  • fifth and seventh when I boot the shruthi. When you talk about LED pattern, are you talking about when you’re moving the encoder or when I push the buttons? I have to check for the second option. But I am 100% sure that the board didn’t touch the filter board cause I payed a lot of attention to this.
  • ok, thank you I will try that way. But is it normal that you can turn it an infinite times?
  • the solution to my problem really seems to be here, I’ll solder it tomorrow!

Thank you a lot for both the shruthi and the advise, M. Olivier

> But is it normal that you can turn it an infinite times?