Last Shruthi kits by Mutable Instruments

It’s time to say goodbye after about 4500 units in the wild (bare boards and kits).

50 units left in the online shop - half plexi, half metal.

You’ll be able to get boards from TubeOhm / LaurentideSynthworks of course.

And there it is… Andre, time to suit up :slight_smile:

It’s been great to see this company / community grow from where it was to where it is. I think a lot of people like me owe a lot to MI and this community. If it weren’t for either, LSW wouldn’t even be an idea.

Thank you Olivier for all the years of guidance, knowledge and support here. I hope this community continues to be a formidable source of knowledge in the DIY community.

A bittersweet day!

Placed an order for sentimental reasons. The Shruthi has been responsible for getting me back into making music after a hiatus of more than a decade, resulting in me even actually starting electric bass lessons a few months ago… :slight_smile:

4500 units is a nice legacy. And this legacy will continue to grow with Andre and LSW keeping the Shruthi alive.

Thank you for your hard work Olivier!

Congratulations on your success so far Olivier. I can’t wait to see what is next.

More than 4500 as people have made their own PCBs.

Shruthi-1 was the second DIY synth I made, always remember the first time I switched it on.

I was glad and proud to have been part of it. My feeling is that as the pendulum swings and the big corporations eagarly snap up their part of the vintage/retro market, DIY will decline. But in a few years the spotlight will have moved and there will be room again for creative, original and generous souls like Olivier. I hope we’ll all meet again then.Sorry if this sounds like a eulogy, but for me to a large part that is what it is.

Who else would see a few last runs of kits before letting members of the community take over “official” production? No one I know. The Shruthi will always be one of my favorite synthesizers no matter who makes them.

I am proud to own two unique builds from “original boards”. They will sound far warmer and more vintage as time goes on. :wink:

Here’s to the future when Olvier developes another self-contianed, non-euro synthesizer.

Thank you, Olivier. All the best for continued success :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, ByteFrenzy. Having said that, Olivier may, perhaps inevitably, have moved on from designing DIY products, there are still plenty of other SynthDIY projects out there, including many in Eurorack format, so don’t despair.

I also don’t buy your assertion that the recent spate of re-releases of pre-built retro analogue hardware by some of the major manufacturers is having a negative effect on DIY projects. From what I’ve seen, as I said, there still seems to be plenty of activity in the area, with new kits and PCB-only projects appearing at regular intervals.


Congrats on a successful lifespan, and finding an outlet for your synth genius that results in a decent living for yourself. Been a fan since Bhajis Loops, can’t wait to see what you do next!

Shruthi-1 forever!

4500 units is quite a lot even for a manufactured synth! Congratulations, Olivier! Shruthi-1 project certainly set a new standard for DIY projects, and i have no doubt it will continue to be built in various forms for many years to come.

It’s bittersweet, but still. It’s been an amazing journey that’s given lots of people some DIY chops and confidence. Plus, we have a few interesting eurorack modules to pick and choose from.

The Shruthi-1 is out there!

Maybe it’s time for a Goodbye Song Compo?

The Shruthi was my first SDIY project (a programmer version with two filters…did you say ambitious ?) and probably my first hardware synth as far as I can remember. Since then I built and bought many others.
Thanks you Olivier for feeding my GAS over the last 3 years or so. I guess it’s just a matter of time before I dive into Eurorack. :slight_smile:

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So glad that the Shruthi project is in safe hands, not least for the fact that I still have so many filter boards that I’ve never tried. I’ll miss the “Census of Successfully assembled kits” thread though. Thanks for everything, Pichenettes.

Can we keep the ‘Census’" thread, pichenettes?


Please, please allow the man to move on! :slight_smile: