Laser Decals - a (maybe ?) stupid question (SOLVED)

Hi folks,
i am about to use laser printer decals the first time. As i got only one sheet of decal paper, i do not have the packet with the user instructions.
So there is one question burning: which side will be printed ? The one with the protection sheet or the glossy one ? And do i have to keep the protection sheet while printing ?

Do you have a replacement laser printer at hand? :wink:

Ahem - likely not !

You need to print on the glossy side. After printing, let it “dry” for a little while, and then you might want to spritz the sheet with some clear gloss spray or something like that. After that dries, you can cut them out, toss them in water, and put them on your panel. I used those for two Shruthi XTs and a MIDIAlf so far, works fine.

Cut them as close to the printing as possible, and dark characters on a light background work best. If you are using lighter characters and putting them on a dark surface, you may need to put the decals on a few times, meaning you would need multiple sheets.

Too late man, i did it once with orange letters on black background, but the result is quite ok. The only thing going wrong was the order of the audio in and audio out. But nothing which cannot be corrected by wiring…

Okay, that’s a good idea. I printed orange on clear decal sheet to put on a dark blue painted steel chassis, which did not work so well. It would have been better to print the background on the decal sheet but I couldn’t match the colour exactly.

Orange on black has a quite good contrast ratio.

Interesting, can you post a picture of the result?

Not at this moment, as i am on a vacation, but i will post a series of pics right after in the programmer thread.