Laser cutting text considerations?

I want to get a new face cut for my anushri with sensible text descriptions for an old fart like me. I modified the .eps file in the repository and want to take it to the local laser cutter rather than using ponoko or something else online.

Is there a recommended cutting depth for text? Should all font sizes be the same depth?

I’ve obviously never done this before.

Dont do vector lines, do raster fills. (heavy). Vector lines are REALLY thin and dont fill in well. Draw out your text then “create outlines” and fill the result with no stroke with whatever color they use for heavy raster

I saw the front panels at and thought the punched letters looked awesome. I think I will try it some time.

Thanks altitude, I hadn’t realized that cutting and engraving were different processes. It makes more sense now.

Thanks for the link tb, I like ekadek’s style, especially the reverb with the extraneous drill holes. It seems like it would work well with unfinished hammond pedal enclosures. It reminds me of the minimal burial mix/rhythm & sound record sleeves which I’m quite fond of.


Technically they are not, both say “cut here to x depth” a cut goes all the way through, engravings dont. With the vector lines, you are cutting a single engraving the width of the beam (~0.2mm), a vector engraving will only be the width of the beam which imho, is too narrow for engraved text. The raster engraving you are burning away material over an area so there is no limit on how wide the engraved section is