Ladder filter XT more or less done, photo heavy

It all started with this:



A sheet of decals:

One in the water:

Slide it on:

And that’s it:

After clearcoat and nearly done:

Did it turn out just as I planned? Of course not! I’m okay with it 'though, just need to add a bottom at some point and the power switch. Amazingly, when I plugged the XT piece in, it actually worked!

@piscione very cool , especially the sliders


Like the slider idea! I think it graphically represents the idea a bit better than rotary.

But, round holes are your friends. Anything else is definitely not your friend.

Cool! So, it began with “spontan”, means spontaneous in English, then warped into a blue meanie.
Do these sliders come with LEDs, or are they “normal”?

They are normal. Short but normal. I painted the tops with a dimensional glue (used for plaques and buttons) mixed with metallic orange paint.

I know round holes are easy. I only wish I had some of these bits:

Although, nowadays with them laser cutters one can get away with having sliders and square buttons for friends too. Granted it is a less DIY solution for most.

Wow, that’s amazing. Here’s a couple of shots with the family:

mmm Rhodes!

1974, bought it new when I was 16 years old.

Well done ! So your BOM for mouser was good :smiley:

A complete family ! is the XT a Yellow magic ?

Thanks. The BOM is a little screwy. The line-up is a Polivoks (you recognize that one), 4PM, ladder, SMR4 mk 1 and SMR4 mk 2.