Ladder Filter PCB for Ambika are there

Ladder Filter PCB’s available now again.
Attention , refresh your internet browser in you go to


Hi, today i order 75 PCB’s . Coming in 3 weeks.



i will wait for the steiner :smiley:

For AMBIKA , yes comes also but first i must make the PCB for shruthi ready.
Than i must do some changes for the AMBIKA SP filter.
Changes: No Phasing mode , no distortion mode. This because AMBIKA had no controls for this. I cant connect them. But i think SP comes with a very new Sound for AMBIKA.

Looking forward to the SP Ambika. Defo gunna get card and slowly build a second ambika.

i waiting for 6 voicecard for a long times, everything else is ready, but i waiting the good voicecard, multimode, to have a lot of possibility, so actually there is only the SVF, but i find them too smooth, so i’m waiting a lot on the SP Ambika card, which help me to finish my Ambika started 1 year ago…

SP AMBIKA Voicecard. ohhh , OK here the roadmap.
I have had a lot of do do in the last three month’s. Ambikas, Shruthis, software. So the SP was a little in the background , because of not time enough. Now the most works is done. I have buy a new osciloscope also (Tekway DSO 1062B) , specially for the filter design. Next week i get my head free for the SP Filter.
Than i am thinking of an AMBIKA software controller and i will enhanced the FILTER calibrator.
1:) next week Steiner Parker for Shruthi, last test , building PCB.
1B:) maybe it gives a complete Shruthi kit with a SP-Case / additional PCB with all parts and a preprog ATMEGA 644 with the new Firmware. >> i must something discuss with Olivier and Frank…
1C:) SP-Filter for AMBIKA. The main works was done by the SHRUTHI SP, so i hope it will be a fast work.
2:) Ambika controller - 32 Bit standalone, 6 different stepsequencer
3:) new Filter Calibrator with an usable oscilloscope + Frequency counter + Signal generator, and Midi Functions to control the AMBIKA/SHRUTHI. This i will build for all people without an oscilloscope and a signal generator. ( but it isn’t free, 9,90€ i think)
This is my plan for the next time.
For the AMBIKA controller i will open a new thread, so we can discuss the best way to build a controller.

UFF, Ok thats it is.


Nice planing !

1B) Check also with Adrian for cases :smiley:

I will be happy to pay 10E For a cool, and complete calibrator !

Have fun ! Bye