Kvsu - the malosco sessions (now with making of)

UPDATE: For those of you located in the USA, the ablum can now also be bought from Laurentide Synthworks:

UPDATE2: for those located in EU, you can get the album from me directly. The record costs 13€ + shipping (11€ with regular mail, 14,40€ for registered, for up to 2 records). For orders please send me an email from this form here specifying how many you want and what your paypal address is: http://www.papernoise.net/#contact-us-section (you have to scroll down a little bit on some browsers).

UPDATE3: I’m writing a series of making of posts about the album here: http://papernoize.tumblr.com/search/the+malosco+sessions

more info about what you get:

  • carefully recorded, mastered and crafted black vinyl with 5 tracks
  • handprinted cover, designed by me
  • booklet
  • protective transparent sleeve
  • streaming and download via Bandcamp
  • my eternal gratitude

original post

As you might know, I have this electronic duo project called kvsu, (kvsu.net). What you might not know is that we recently (like very recently) released a vinyl LP called the malosco sessions.
You can hear a preview for the album here: https://soundcloud.com/kvsu/the-malosco-sessions-lp-preview

it goes without saying that there is quite a bit of Mutable Instruments in there (I used both the Anushri and the Polivoks Shruthi in most tracks, plus we both have several MI modules in our modulars).

These tracks have been performed live and subsequently recorded in the last 2 years, so it’s also a bit of a document of what we’ve been doing since we started kvsu. The main setup is basically a collection of circuit-bent toys and keyboards + some MI synths (Anushri/Shruthi) + LXR drum synth for me, modular synth, Sherman filterbank and assorted noisemaker for my bandmate. Though the setup can change quite a bit from piece to piece. The first track for example was made only with some handmade 555-timer-based oscillator banks we developed passed through some FX (T-Resonator + some delays and reverbs), the last track features me playing the cigar box guitar :slight_smile:

This album closes a circle for us, since we are now about to take this project into 2 distinct directions: one in which we focus more on composition and musical research, and work on event-specific (or location-specific) projects. The other which is carrying on (and developing further) the approach of the tracks found in the album, which is more improvisational and band-like, if we can say it like this.

We’re still thinking about putting this on Bandcamp. In theory it would be nice, but we grew a bit weary of digital music distribution (for many reasons), so that we’d like to keep this “physical media only”.

More photos can be seen here on my tumblr: papernoize.tumblr.com

Dude - I really like it. Any chance of getting a copy in the USA? I can up my hipster street cred with obscure Italian vinyl recordings!

@cold_fashioned: yes sure! I’m currently checking shipping options and prices, since I also got other requests from the USA. Owning this is going to bump up your hipster street rep by at least +10 haha :slight_smile:

I did check shipping options, the cheapest I could find is to send it as regular priority mail, but even that will cost me 17EUR, so the total would be 30EUR - 33USD, which I know is a bit steep.

At this point I should point out that if anybody is interested in buying this and wants to make the shipping costs worthwhile, maybe there’s some of the things I’m selling that could be bundled with it: http://mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/7188/big-clean-up-sale-mutant-drums-spare-pcbs-arduino-stuff-lots-of-other-things

Hmm, would you consider a bulk discount? I could host them on my site’s store for US sales.

$33 is a little steep, but not impossible. Let me think about it for a day or two. There’s always the added bonus of supporting a fellow shruthizen!

qp: that could be a good idea! Let's discuss this possibility, I'll send you an email!cold_fashioned: let me see if maybe we can arrange something with qp first, I think we could do this group-buy style

So who else in the USA would be interested in a copy, for $14 Usd + shipping (if this would be shipped from inside the USA the cost should be low enough)

Will you send me the tracks as digital audio when I buy the vinyl record?

@t2k: yeah of course, every vinyl comes with free bandcamp download/streaming

@rumpelfilter, sounds good. I could even bring some with to sell at Knobcon.

@qp: that would be even more awesome!

I’ve opened a new thread for the USA-distribution interest check here:

Hi ! I’m quite interested in that ! What about the total price to ship to France ? Cheers !

@clemdu: normal shipping for 1-2 vinyls to EU costs me 11€, registered is 14,40€, we sell the vinyl itself for 13€. Unfortunately I don’t have a contract with a courier to make lower shipping prices.

Wow, this is really good, wicked man, well done!

Thanks a lot!

Very nice that you put the link for ordering inside the USA at the top, but where do I order this thing in the EU? :slight_smile:

@t2k: Is it too prominent there?
For EU, you can get it from me directly. :slight_smile: