Kurodama vs ubumaic live @zugluft festival

Played a little live performance with a friend of mine called ubumaic.

It’s a very noise-oriented liveset, with 2 Biscuits a Shruthi a Kaoss Pad, sono Monotrons-tribes and some circuit-bent and DIY gear.

Nice work!


Clarinet part is great!

I’ve seen this on soundcloud a few days ago, i like it!

Digging this papernoise. Bravo!

thanks a lot! Yeah the clarinet is great as part of this kind of noise-electronic sound, I hope we can work on this even more. Apparently though he will have to return the clarinet to the music academy, and these things are quite expensive… well, we’ll see.
Actually this makes me think that it would be nice to be able to play a “real” instruments sometimes… :slight_smile: