Krell Patch (Marbles mod'ing Tides clocking Marbles)

Émilie your efforts continue to impress!

I was rereading an old Krell patch article and had a thought… Did Émilie have this intent while writing the code?

Here is the short article: Manual Synthesis: Behold the Ancient Krell

I patched this up and it was instantly musical & alive.


What’s the thin black module and what does it do? I have almost the exact set minus “Beads” which I’m researching and that black module. Do you have this patch recorded anywhere to hear how it sounds? Thanks in advance.

It is a “sample & hold” / “track & hold” module.
On the picture, only the s&h side is used. Marbles’ Y is sampled at Tides 4th output’s rate.
If you have Kinks or Stages or any other S&H…


I’ll give this ago - looks interesting