Kraftwerk Cover Das Model

I used my recently assembled Shruthi 1 to voice the midi file sequenced by a fellow contributor in Gearslutz forum. So, I cannot take credit for the actual sequence but I am still very proud of my Shruthi 1 and it did not do a too bad job considering there is absolutely no other synths involved, just a dash of reverb, delay and compression.

Very nice sound design work!

really really good work! I’m a big fan of Kraftwerk, and you did a great job in recreating that old school feeling imho!

Thank you for your comments jamesmcn and rumpelfilter. In fact, all I did was to tweak the presets a little and for some voices, used them as they are!

As I have said, in my first post here after building the Shruthi, this little synth not only sounds great but is also blessed with top quality presets! Better than most of my other synths, and believe me, I have more than enough digital poly’s and analog mono’s.