Korg SQ-1 Eurorack conversion


I wanted to put my SQ-1 in my euro case so I looked at this: http://shockelectronix.com/shop/store/esqu-one-step-sequencer-diy-kit/ which is very nice but also expensive (nearly twice the price of SQ-1 plus your own SQ-1… that’s about 300€)

So I went to a store and bought 20mm x 25mm aluminium profile for 4€:

It turns out that 20mm + 25mm + SQ-1 height = Size of case

Nothing fancy, but it works fine and is cheap :slight_smile:

For the power supply, I used the batteries wires and connected them to the +5v of the case. Since the SQ-1 can work with the USB (5v) or with batteries (3v), do you think I should use a regulator or do you think the unit will be just fine with those 2v added ?

I would properly put a euro-power connector on one end of a usb-b cable, and power through the usb port that way. And throw some mults in that spare alu :smiley:

Yes, I will find a usb cable, good idea.

Cool project!


You could probably made use of the space above and below. Some scopes and IO ports.

I could but i want to keep easy access to the sequencer. Wires that get in the way of the hand is a problem with euro modules. I suppose you get used to it over time.

Nice. I have a SQ-1 and some HP’s left.
How did you attach the sequencer to the panel?
I think I would have used the spare space for my DC jack and some multipliers. And attach the USB to 5V on as Jensu suggested.

I would regulate the 5v down to 3v using the battery holder, and then make a short usb cable adaptor to mount a female usb on the front panel, hence being able to use usb to cv.

The rest of the front panel could use multis galore

Simply put 2 diodes in series to get the 5V bus down to 3.6V. Should work.

“How did you attach the sequencer to the panel?”

just drill the sq-1 case and use 3 screws.

“hence being able to use usb to cv”

I have no use for this feature so I won’t do, but yes, that would be feasible.

“The rest of the front panel could use multis galore”

Like I said, I care more about layout than space. Don’t you think that would make it impractical to turns those very small knobs ? I may give it a try.

Another easy mod is getting clear knobs (davies type or other) over the small clear step knobs.

If the knobs are Davies or smaller, they leave enough space to operate comfortably.

like these ? http://www.taydaelectronics.com/electromechanical/davies-1510-clone-clear-knob.html

I saw the mod done with the Davies 1900 type not these I don’t know if these will fit.

I got plenty at tayda, quite cheap. They are not the highest quality tho, they have no brass insert.

But you need them this way when clear so as to let light thru.

These: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-Transparent-Guitar-Davies-1900H-Style-AMP-Knob-Clear-Effect-Pedal-Knobs-/251611588272?hash=item3a953826b0:g:0dYAAOSwVFlT5BKU

Super cool idea to make hole in non-clear knobs!