Korg Prologue

Totally. The compact form factor is much more appealing. Having messed about with 4 x Plaits in VCV Rack I can confirm that many of Plaits algorithms sound excellent with polyphonic play.

Yes, that would be interesting.

I know it’s exceptionally unlikely to ever happen, but I still have a tiny sliver of hope we’ll one day see a digital keyboard synth designed by @pichenettes

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By myself as Mutable Instruments… unlikely… The mechanical aspect and the sheer size of the thing is daunting.

If a large and sane synth company (I have my ideas on that) wants to host me for such a project, why not :slight_smile:


Korg? Dave Smith? Who should I petition on twitter?


Arturia perhaps? :thinking:

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Yay the Minilogue XD is true!
4 voices of:

  • 2 VCOs
  • 1 Multi Engine OSC
  • 1VCF based on Prologue.
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 1 LFO.

It also got the programmable effect section with three efffects that can be used simultaneously. Also new compared to the previous Minilogue: Microtuning, sequencer with 16 step buttons, stereo output, two CV inputs, 500 instead of 200 preset locations.

Super awesome!

Coming in the next few months.

They also announced a DSP based drum machine volca. “Based on a simple trigger waveform, wave folder and overdrive are used to add overtones and distortion, and then a waveguide resonator effect brings the sound to life”

And the volca modular based on west coast synthesis:

I have to say, Korg is one of the few bigger companies that is still innovative :slight_smile:

Not a huge fan of the volca series, but I have to admit Korg is trying out some interesting concepts here. Between all the endless cloning, this is very refreshing.

so, has anyone installed the plaits osc package on their prologue? are there any demos available online? i can’t seem to find any…

finally, a demo of the plaits osc for prologue:


I’m really excited, I got a Prologue 8 new for the price of a new Minilogue XD and I can’t wait to load it up with the Plaits Oscillator code!

I have an Ambika, but I’ve always dreamed of a Super Ambika. I guess this is closest I’ll get to owning one!