Korg Prologue


Totally. The compact form factor is much more appealing. Having messed about with 4 x Plaits in VCV Rack I can confirm that many of Plaits algorithms sound excellent with polyphonic play.


Yes, that would be interesting.

I know it’s exceptionally unlikely to ever happen, but I still have a tiny sliver of hope we’ll one day see a digital keyboard synth designed by @pichenettes


By myself as Mutable Instruments… unlikely… The mechanical aspect and the sheer size of the thing is daunting.

If a large and sane synth company (I have my ideas on that) wants to host me for such a project, why not :slight_smile:


Korg? Dave Smith? Who should I petition on twitter?


Arturia perhaps? :thinking:


Yay the Minilogue XD is true!
4 voices of:

  • 2 VCOs
  • 1 Multi Engine OSC
  • 1VCF based on Prologue.
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 1 LFO.

It also got the programmable effect section with three efffects that can be used simultaneously. Also new compared to the previous Minilogue: Microtuning, sequencer with 16 step buttons, stereo output, two CV inputs, 500 instead of 200 preset locations.

Super awesome!

Coming in the next few months.

They also announced a DSP based drum machine volca. “Based on a simple trigger waveform, wave folder and overdrive are used to add overtones and distortion, and then a waveguide resonator effect brings the sound to life”

And the volca modular based on west coast synthesis:

I have to say, Korg is one of the few bigger companies that is still innovative :slight_smile:


Not a huge fan of the volca series, but I have to admit Korg is trying out some interesting concepts here. Between all the endless cloning, this is very refreshing.