Korg Minilogue control of the Shruthi-1!

I’m guessing there are not so many people who have all three, but if you do happen to own a Shruthi-1, a midipal and the new Korg Minilogue (or eagerly awaiting its delivery), then read on…

The Korg Minilogue has a (very?) non-standard midi implementation for all of its 41 controllers. The fact they transmit midi is actually a big thing and potentially makes it a worthwhile controller on its own. Anyway, I created a simple map on the Midipal to convert the midi traffic into Shruthi-1 CC identities.
It’s so nice to be able to have a controller for almost everything and with labels.

If anybody else is interested I’ll be happy to post my firmware and document the mapping (since some choices have to be made as the Shruthi-1 has a lot of control possibilities).

But if I’m unique in having all three then who am I to gloat ;-).

Why not just modify the shruthi firmware and save the midi pal?

Also possible if somebody wants to do that, but the midipal gives me more options - I can switch the control on and off (by changing channels) and choose which shruthi-1 I control. In any case a filter is needed otherwise you simply control two synths simultaneously. I was just offering the firmware with the mapping if anybody wanted it.

There’s merit in both approaches. Changing firmware of Shruthi is the most elegant solution. However the need to keep patching new firmware versions with your own patches is a pain.

And I’m really not sure how you can filter out the CC and PC messages when you don’t want to change the Shruthi whilst playing the Minilogue. I mean without changing the Shruthi firmware substantially. Probably the most versatile solution would be to extend the generic filter option on the midipal to have a larger number of CC maps (like 40) and then assignable from the web page. That way one could map any two controller-synth combinations one liked.
Anyway, as I said - I’ve done it as a dedicated app and for me it works fine :-). But before I spend the time transcribing and documenting the map and options I thought I’d ask if anybody needed!

This would be great for BS2 users since you can’t turn off CC sending on the BS2. A midipal app that can reassign or filter incoming CCs would be very welcome.

Okay, a simple CC filter/dispatcher should already be possible with the generic filter if you use the web app to configure it, unless I miss something? However, I guess it doesn’t dispatch to multiple devices or offer an easy on/off. I’m thinking of separating the CC in a dispatcher so you can choose when you control the second synth but it doesn’t interrupt the playing (notes) :-).
@audiohoarder - are you controlling a shruthi-1 or just any other device with the BS2? I could make a custom map for the BS2->shruthi-1 quite easily. But it sounds like a general solution (with loading of syx maps) would be both more elegant and welcome. So an extension of the generic filter to a larger (~40) number of controllers.

@littleal so this would be a separate ‘app’ in the midipal menu, not an addition to the ‘user presets’ section? I have a use case in mind where an extra few re-mappable cc’s would be useful.

General SYX maps would be better. That is what I was trying to say, but didn’t word properly.

Right now you can filter out CCs, but you can’t remap them as far as I am aware. A remapping app would be welcome! :slight_smile:

Since the BS2 can’t turn of its native CC output, it woudl also be great if the new mapping app had a “CC output off” setting.

I think by starting this discussion I’ve also made myself a bit more work… But at least its healthy!

Originally I was just curious if anybody was interested in the Minilogue mapping and in putting in a little bit more effort in sharing it. Or maybe I was just too happy that I made it work for me…
Anyway a more general solution would probably be nice (and a learning experience).

So right now, I can offer my original fixed map (suits my purposes). In addition I could/will try to introduce some customisation/dispatching options:

1. switch off the CC output when desired (actually by setting the CC output channel to off)
2. settable CC routing within the app - I’m not sure how many the memory would allow but I guess a “few” from @elthorno is something like 5?
3. CC dispatching - you choose how many devices see the distributed CC channels
4. Independent note dispatching - simplistic a) stack, b) cyclic, c) duo (using the shruthi-duo option it sends pairs of notes to the same device). [ This also again suits me - two shruthi’s in fake duo mode actually gives 4 voices = the korg :slight_smile: ].

For the general SYX maps approach somebody (i.e. not me) would have to adapt the very nice web-based configurator that’s already available for the user filters but expanded to a matrix of 128x128. Although the thought of surpassing the complexity of the MatrixBrute does seem appealing!

I can think of a few more synths this would be handy for, like mapping ccs to the sysex of another like for a mks-50 to sequence with daws that does not support sysex!

I’ve finally got my static map to work for 41 of the minilogue outputs + pitch bending. I set it up to control two shruthi’s either individually, together or not at all - the osc. 1 range switch on the minilogue controls this behaviour.

Attached is the firmware with the generic filter app replaced with my “minilog” one.
There are 7 settings - the five of the normal dispatcher plus the choice of sending program changes and choice of disabling the control change sending globally - might be convenient to just press the button whilst jamming.

As for the previous discussion about using SYX to send the mapping, I don’t think it can work beyond the 4 generic filters that Olivier has already investigated and maximised.

I’ve also included my hand-drawn key to the map - it was faster, but if anybody is interested I could expand the labelling :-). So far it all seems quite stable and a really nice way to control the shruthi’s.

There’s a new firmware for the minilogue which “corrects” some of their non-standard midi assignments. Anyhow, I adjusted the midipal mapping accordingly so it behaves the same with respect to controlling the shruthi - midipal_minologue_fin3.syx

If anybody is interested I have also two further modifications to the midipal:
“xlapse” - it takes 3 or 4 note chords and collapses or expands them chromatically to 1 or all notes.
“shephard” - it plays the shephard tone in multiple octaves for some weirdness - only really works into a multi-poly (software) synth. Message me if interested for more details.
midipal_minilogue_final.syx (62.1 KB)
midipal_shepherd.syx (60.2 KB)

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