Korg M1

This seems to be a common theme, but a friend of mine has a very good condition Korg M1 keyboard he is looking to sell with extra cartridges for $200.

Do any of you still useand like it? I don’t want to have a big boring board around and I am not sure its really my style, which lately has been using somewhat restricted older synths (old SCI Sixtrak mostly) Casios, and fx along with my Shruthi but its seems like a great deal which might be useful for recording with other folks or something like that. I’ve not had a S&S/ROMpler before so don’t really know what I am getting into with editing, etc.

As far as i now it has the ‘house piano sound’

The M1 seems to have a cult following but I used one for rehearsals for awhile and didn’t like it at all. It really depends on what you’re going to use if for I suppose. I have a Kurzweil K2600XS and a Rhodes at home so the M1 wasn’t really doing it for me. I ended up buying a Korg Microstation to use for rehearsals and gigs. It was easy to take to rehearsals and for gigs I would bring along a controller keyboard.

I think for my tastes I would be better suited saving the money for something with more character. I don’t tend to really like emulations and such, so if I want a Rhodes or Wurli sound, which I do, I should just save for the real thing. On that note, anyone ever use a Hohner Pianet?

@joshuagoran It is a classic , very much of its era. Overused? Hell yes. However, it defined the direction workstation synths were to take.

a very acceptable piece of kit , it’s a useful size as a giggable master keyboard.

I would snap it up for that price.

Is you need a fine to play Keyboard with some classic sounds get it. Otherwise id take a M1R (which i have) as the Keyboard Version is a bit Bulky. Soundwise its pure late 80ies and early 90ies, you can browse thru the Presets ans play along with a smile. Since the factory sounds are heavily used (dis somebody say House Piano? Any Sade songs that comes to mind?) its a bit stereotype, though. And theres nothing analong with it, but its always nice to layer some fat analaog sounds with a bit crunchy digitalness.

Anyway, if you need a good quality piece as MIDI masterkeyboard this would be a good choice too.

I agree that the keyboard is a good one (and it has a decent aftertouch too). The M1 is a classic, and not just for house piano, but there are some very overused sounds in its arsenal. I suspct the main limitation nowadays for many people would be the 16-note polyphony that drops as you combine sounds in ‘Combis’, so most complex patches only have a maximum of 8 notes.

I’ve still got mine even though I’ve also got Korg’s Legacy Digital software collection, largely because used M1’s (even immaculate ones like mine!) still attract such a tiny 2nd hand price.

As for the Hohner Pianet, that was one of my first keyboards way back in the way back - it does one sound with lots of character, and has a certain nostalgia value, but may need an overhaul to prevent key buzzes and the like.

Hope this helps!