Korg littleBits Synth Kit ? Mini Modular

Just to clear up something. This is a Littlebits item, and they will be the ones selling/distributing them. Also, the Yen to Euro price is ~120 Euro. That is about 10 Euro per included module. On a synthesizer level, that is cheap, but several of their other modules are just simple resistors/switches/multiples/wires and such and they cost about the same. I will admit that the “bend sensor” looks like a lot of fun. The LED light sting is also unique.
I find it interesting how “educational” toys always seem to carry a premium price. That is rather a shame; most kid won’t be able to afford them. At these prices, they are easily making 10X what they put into them to start. Unless those magnetic connectors are really pricey. I have no way to determine their value. On a side note, the connectors reminds me of the ones used in the Korg PME series. Getting back to basics, haha.

Fun and creative stuff but hardly for music making right?

I’m sure they will make another great Monotron style video demo using these. I am looking forward to that actually. These will once again be great sources for samplers.
I am patiently waiting for a DSS-1 inspired new synthesizer.


Oh here’s the real one

Guys! You can attach Bendy Straws to the Monotron pots! How have I never noticed this?
Also, that keyboard looks so cute. I wonder if it could be wired up to the pitch CV input on the Monotron PCB.

Edit: I’m not being sarcastic about the bendy straw thing. That is a great little idea for people suffering from wurstfinger™.


Here is a whole slew of microdemos featuring the Korg Littlebits synth kit.

Video says “This video is private”.

That is new. I have nothing to do with that. I will leave the link for the picture though.
All of the demos just had them attaching various things to the pots and turning them. Usually the pitch pot. Not very interesting, the best one was the bendy straw one above. They weren’t that great, and were only 45 seconds apiece.

i had no trouble seeing the vid.
@percivale: you’re not missing much.
it’s a series of short clips where they attach stuff like straws, paper cups and balls of styrofoam to the pots - wtf?

[edit:] oh, no you’re right. it’s private now. wasn’t before. maybe they realized how silly it was?


My friend who did the nyc demo posted a vine:


and a photo of his setup:

sounds more musical than I expected!

@herrprof: Thanks for the share. Any word on how he interfaced his CV router with the Littlebits? Is there a CV module one can buy? Before I looked at the picture, I wondered if he wired up 4 of the “microsequencers” into a 16step sequencer.

Something I did notice about the short video demos… the noise floor sounds lower than on the Monotron. I have no idea if that is a fact though.

I think he is just using cv from the circklon directly into the little bits on a breadboard with spliced cables, so they must all simply work at standard euro cv, someone who uses those tools might be able to speculate more accurately though.

Cool, the picture was too blurry for me to get a good look at where the CV connected. If they work on the Euro CV standard, that would account for the drop in the noise floor, so that makes sense.

I read somewhere that these devices differ from the monotribes because they work at a 5v standard as well internally.

Ok. So 5V power that responds to V/Oct instead of Hz/V. Not a bad idea.
If these things were really opensource, (read: without those special connectors that probably have an expensive licensing agreement attached to their third part manufacture) I could see myself making a few fun modules for it. It would be right up my alley of recent SMT module designs.

Ok, here is a NEW slew of demos that are much better. After watching this, I really want there to be a pitch to CV module. Why? Because this needs to be controlled with a Casiotone.


more audio demos


“Available January 2014” That burst a few Christmas bubbles. That was unexpected to say the least.

Forget that. The FULL KIT is released on December 6th. The INDIVIDUAL pieces are released in January 2014.

Also, there will be prototyping modules available in the coming months as well as the connectors being available in January 2014. I can’t wait to see how “cheap” they are.

Well, now that there is a concrete time frame… who here wants to one up them with a cheaper solution available in limited quantities by the end of the year? And runs on 12V. Forgot to mention that.

Nullsleep is answering questions about the rig over here:

“There aren’t midi-input bits yet, but I would guess that would be a pretty obvious future add-on. The CV-input boards that I used to sequence the bits with the Cirklon for my set were custom / prototypes.”