Korg littleBits Synth Kit ? Mini Modular

It seems that littleBits is lego for electronics. You put brick together and make something.

They announce some collaboration with Korg but announcement in Japanese

Can somebody translate this as google does no good on this?

Korg littleBits

or this

Korg Press release

Photo from muffwigler

Getting interesting here is the Japanese product page for the kit

Looks interesting

This toy has conformity to the “waf*”. It’s white, pink and lime green. brrrrr

  • waf = woman acceptance factor

Aren’t the MI euro racks the same colors :wink:

MI has much more decent colours !


Please not - even more little bleepy things people misinterpret as musical instruments…

DIYers are the new hipsters ™

i saw a video on matrixsynth about exactly the same idea some time ago. (little building blocks, connected by magnetic connectors, etc) unfortunately i can’t find it right now.
this kind of seems like they stole the idea. could be the person who i saw in the video somehow is involved in this.

would have upped my game as a child if i would have had something like this to fill the gap between lego and kosmos electronic kit.
there is no need for it now though as i have my eurorack for fart sounds and blinkenlights.

This is cool, I hadn’t heard too much about little bits since a year ago. Littlebits is designed to get young kids, especially girls, involved with electronics. They are a company based in New York, and it is great to see them being used internationally by one of the “big three”. I can’t wait to see what they do with this. Just imagine having easy to modify MS20 or 700 synthesizer components in a modern and flexible package. Korg is really pushing forward when it comes to “hands on” synthesis.
As Littlebits is an American company, I fully expected this to happen with a MOOG partnership.
I hope they go international sooner than later. They would make a great stocking-stuffer.

Also, the other synthesizer like this is the “Molecule” synthesizer. They are modular, Plexi hexagon shapes with a various amount of controllers to connect to simple audio devices. If they interface seamlessly, the molecule synth pieces would make great controllers for the Littlebits.

Looks like a great way to get young kids interested in electronics, esp. since all the components are exposed and visible on the board.

I didn’t know korg had bought them… have they?

The press release mentions the Korg Import Division. I believe that this is just a partnership between the two companies. Or perhaps Korg licensed their technology? Either way, this is looking to be the stocking-stuffer for this year.

If Korg only licensed the technology, I would really be looking forward to other synth companies licensing the technology as well. Imagine all the crazy synthesizer combinations. A MiniMoog oscillator with a Korg filter and a 303 sequencer.

As long it is NOT the filter of the Volca Keys…

Seems to be ms 20 filter it says…

That’s what they said 'bout the Volca Keys filter too ! rofl

Korg volca series is 700s filter I thought…

Yes, the filter in the Volca Keys and Bass is a 700s type filter. I am not sure why it sounds better in the Volca bass, but it does.

I’m quite happy with my Volca Keys for fun. According to Future Music the 700s on the
Keys “is voiced differently” than the bass, whatever that means. I think it sounds quite nice though. Not ms-20 nice, but nice.

Sorry but i found that Keys is kinda crap and really unusable for me. There is much better for a few bucks more available…