Kool looking matrix sequencer / sampler / synth

Looks somewhat like a boutique novation circuit. No step or track limits. High voice count.

I have to say this looks somewhat interesting, especially at that launch price. Has anyone done an independent review of this thing yet?

The year of Antipodean hardware grid controllers! The NSC-32 by Misa is another, closer in design to the MIDIbox BLM 16x16+X (a DIY project I ran last year). The NSC-32 seems to involve too many combo functions for my tastes, but maybe that’s just a learning curve to overcome.

This Deluge looks pretty intuitive for the most part. The colours, animation and control knobs do what you need them to, and he’s working with the limited 16*8 space effectively. To me it looks like he used normal RGB LEDs with matrix wiring and perhaps one or two levels of PWM dimming. IMO, the synth models don’t look very useful – did he shoehorn something like Goom on an STM32F4? The sampler is a nice touch however, albeit with menu-driven editing controls. Still, if you can manage a sample library (are the .wavs being read directly from SD?) it opens up a lot of possibilities.

It would be interesting to see if the timing stays tight with larger patterns/more tracks. MIDIbox SEQ has track length and layer limitations to prevent overruns, although the v4plus firmware might do more in that regard. Especially with microtiming + sample playback on the Deluge, I’d wager the RAM could get used up fairly quickly, unless there’s extra chips or even multiple MCUs connected.

Still, the MB SEQ + BLM gives you control and options that you can’t currently get elsewhere. It’s nice to have the choice of editing a grid, then having all the info on two 40*2 displays, plus all of the encoders and control buttons, plus a flat menu structure. The SEQ + BLM will cost more than most hardware; maybe you like the joy of building though :).

I always wanted to try a BLM…many cool things about it but have no time / desire to DIY anything :wink: The Deluge seems to be a nice compromise of existing matrix sequencers out there and that sampling option is very apealing. Though more limited, I noticed that linnstrument just got a step sequencer update: https://youtu.be/xISC6yWop9c