Koma Field Kit

Anyone else back the Koma Field Kit on Kickstarter?

Looks like a sort of mash-up of a Moog CP 251, a Radio Music and some of those Bastl modules. DIY as well, couldn’t resist.

It’s more like the RF Nomad than the Radio Music, since there’s an actual Radio inside. It really is a cool thing though if you’re into field recording and working with concrete sounds. It’s really a nice mix of very useful things, in one small, compact device. Couldn’t resist either! :slight_smile:

Ah I have no credit card and paypal was not possible but I am super psyched for that - but I am very patient so I can wait…

I’m gonna hit 'em up as soon as they become readily available. Can’t stand preorders!

I couldn’t resist the Koma Field Kit (my first ever Kickstarter). LIke rumpefilter, I thought it an extremely useful mix of modules, which complements my existing range of contact and EM transducers perfectly.

As an early adopter, I can’t wait for the March/April delivery, but ParanormalPatroler - you might have a longish wait, as even Kickstarter supporters are now having to wait until May/June.


Two weeks-ish until they start shipping. Did anyone back this super early? I think I’m down in the 500s so looking at mid-April.

I’m backer 287, so I shouldn’t be waiting TOO long :wink:


I was like 13. Fingers crossed.

I think I am up 1000 but I got my address inquiry mail few days ago.
Maybe they’ll ship the DIY kits faster.
Fingers crossed too, I expected to wait until may-june!

Mine has arrived! Which was unexpected, given that I didn’t get a shipping confirmation.

My DIY kit (#287) arrived today! What a gorgeous little box - I haven’t been this excited since receiving my Shruthi kit :wink:


For the Shruthi and Field kit users here, I wanted to share some photos of my (simple) modification of the Shruthi. The idea was that I could use its CV outs as modulation target and control the radio, motors or solenoids through the arp, seq or notes of the Shruthi.
Pichenettes and elthorno pointed me in the right direction on this thread.
I used two film caps and two resistors on a perfboard (for the two outs) that I soldered with a poll to an unused hole of the expansion outputs (pretty barbaric but it fits nicely there). The connectors were really easy to add to the honeycomb inclosure, almost like it was designed for that. I did the same with my second Shruthi (Ladder filter) in an other kind of inclosure and both are working like a charm with the Field kit.
So if you do not have any CV sources at home or modular, do not hesitate to add these output to the Shruthi, the two seems to get along well together!
Next step, the “CV”/modulation inputs that would allow me to use the signal interface of the Field kit (with a light sensor connected to it for example) to modulate the filter of the Shruthi (or more modulation targets).


Cool mod!

Let us know how it goes with the rest of the mods! I need to get around to doing these as well. I didn’t buy the accessory kit with the Field Kit so I’ve spent a while assembling my own set - I’ve found Sugru really useful for covering contact mics and flimsy cables on solenoids etc.