Rings x2, Warps, Tides, Braids, Blinds and a few other bits and pieces and the sh01a making Sunday sort of noises.


And a other lovely one. Great! You use alot of german names for your songnames. where does it come from? :blush:

Thanks as ever Tom.

I had to live in Germany for a bit a few years ago, I sort of fell into the habit of trying to make semi poetic notions out of the language that I struggled so much with (and still do) and of course, as a Scot and it not being my native language, well it sounds ‘exotic’ and exciting.

really interesting and it gives me always a smiley to see some thrown-together german words like knochenwolke. for me as a german-speaking earth citizen it sounds also “exotic”. i like exotic :rofl:

keept it up :blush:

The perfect soundtrack to an evening spent working till late into the night.

Wonderful piece - thanks for sharing this music!
I’m off to Bandcamp to drop some virtual coins in a virtual tipjar. Cheers!

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Aww thanks for the kind words and support, it truly warms my withered old heart.


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Fire, as the kids say.