Knobs "Push on"


I dont have experience and i dont know can i use “PUSH ON” Knobs instead “regular” knobs for pots?
Every Shruthi have 4 “regular” and 1 “push on” pot.
I want to put all “Push on” knobs
So i ask to not make mistake does “Push on” fit-work like normal?

Thank you

To my knowledge, “push on” simply means: no setscrew. If the knob fits or not is determined by the shaft diameter and shaft shape (usually it’s T18 or D shape)

> Every Shruthi have 4 “regular” and 1 “push on” pot.

What you call a “push on” pot is not a pot at all, it’s an encoder. It’s a different kind of part - the potentiometer adjusts the resistance between two points, while the encoder contains a set of switches that are toggled every time the shaft rotates by a few degrees. You cannot swap them.

Thank you now i understand.