Knobs and buttons for the new metal enclosure?

Hi all

I just ordered the white metal enclosure for my old and trusty shruthi that is now looking forward to get to of the clear acrylic clothes and into some white armor :slight_smile:

I noticed, that the enclosure is without matching buttons - so, to complete the experience; where do I find white buttons and the nice knobs shown on the pictures on Facebook?

Thanks for any help!

I think the knobs are very hard to find anywhere. But these have a similar look

The buttons are the normal ones from the BOM but white… TAC-WHT mouser

The knobs used here are the Rogan knobs I use on the eurorack modules. They are not sold to distributors (just from Rogan with a MOQ of 5000 unless you are ready to pay a lot of money for them) and for now my stock is reserved for the modules & Anushri euro panels.

I’ll bump the quantities for my next order so that I can sell them with the case - but not now.

Allrighty! Thanks - i’ll look into the look-alikes :wink:

(I’m planning to add braids and ripples to my eurorack modular setup - and it could be fun having matching knobs. pichenettes => might you sell a “knob set” on it’s own when available?).

Maybe we could set up a group buy for the Rogan knobs? I wouldn’t mind setting one up, though i’ve never done this before. That way we could get a big quantity straight from Rogan or Olivier.

+1 for a group buy !

Two options:

  • Either I introduce one of you to my sales rep at Rogan, and allow her to sell you the custom references which have been created for me. From that point, you’re on your own. Knobs are in the $0.4 to $0.6 range depending on how much you buy. 5000 is the point beyond which prices start being OK. Rogan’s bank does not accept wire transfer so the procedure is odd (you need to wire to another bank and they forward them the money. You’ll need a FedEx or UPS account for them to send you the goods (unless you’re in the US).
  • You tag along my next purchases, but I’ll make you pay an extra share for the wire transfer fee, the shipping, and unless you’re a business entity in the EU you’ll have VAT on top of that.

I think option 2 is the probably the most feasible… If there is enough interest that is. And also if you think it’s a good idea or rather sell the knobs yourself or keep them exclusive.

Mutable Instruments is not a good fit for the low-margin parts selling business.

That’s what i thought so a group buy might be nice… I don’t think we ever had a group buy over here.
Do you have to order 5000 of the same color or can it be a differnt ones?

5000 of the same color :slight_smile:

The way it works is that they will start, feed, stop the production line for your order - so there are setup costs that are recouped only when many knobs are ordered.

Any idea when your next order will be?

Around february

They are very nice touchy feely knobs that look great too.
I’d be all over a group buy with an order for about 250 for my modular if they were splined. But alas not.

Control sells blue ones individually. The also have the large ones used on the Make Noise DPO module.

EDIT: they have white ones too.

I have Ripples and these are the exact same knobs.

Here is an idea: We could count how much interest exists and if we may get over 250 for each color the factory could send them to one person. The person could then sort the knobs and send it to all the people.
This would take the burden of sorting and dispatching everything from Olivier :slight_smile:

@qp Now we only have to find a place that sells a fully black one for the encoder somewhere and we’re all set!

there’s the rub. I was thinking just the standard knob would probably bo ok.

@flocked minimum order quantity from the factory is 5000…

I would be willing to set up a group buy but since they seem available i don’t really see a point anymore. We could set up a group buy from Control for people in EU to share the shipping but i’d have to see if we would really save any serious money on that.

I don’t have any Make Noise modules, are they d-shaft or splined?
I’m guessing D-shaft if they’re the same as the MI ones.