Knob sources

Do you know any good source for fancy knobs that can be adapted to D (split) shafts?

The Neutrik type is sweet, but I’d like to find fancier options for custom builds…

I’ve heard good things about Small Bear Electronics:

They don clearly state “D-shaft”, but they do state when the shaft is knurled, so knobs that aren’t knurled should be ok.


I used them for my MB808 and I am quite pleased

Also: Smallbear stuff is for a 1/4" Shaft, those will NOT sit right on a D shaft (which is 6mm). You can get around this with a thin bushing to make up the diameter difference. This is actually planning for my build, I’ll use the same machined aluminum knobs I use on my x0xb0xes but in black…

I’ve been searching using terms like rotary dial thumb wheel selector switch knob potentiometer and have been having no luck. Im looking to mount such a dial on the corner of my case so that only the top half or less is exposed. I recently found something like it on an old voice/tape recorder some left in the break room at work but it only had one knob. The thing was old so it was chrome with numbers on it. Does any one know where I could find something like this or suggest better search terms. Thanks.

Yes, it looks like the monotron part. But there’s no way of connecting its LED on the Shruthi PCB.

SHIT! I must get those…

I’m tempted, too… this could be use to show whether a pot is “in sync” or not with the value showed on screen.

Or you could indicate different parameter sets by color when using a multicolored LED…

Hey guys. I hope im not stating the obvious or anything here, but… Im pretty sure those pots do not have an LED in them. They are simply a clear shaft that goes through the bottom of the pot itself, where a surface mount led on the pcb underneath will illuminate it.
Obviously it works well in something like a mass produced factory built monotron. But I know a lot of folk are not comfortable working with surface mount stuff, so perhaps that is something to consider. Plus of course, the Shruthi pcb would need a certain amount of reworking to accommodate it too.
(The pots are neat though!)


We could get around the SMD LED by making a 3mm hole and solder the LED from beneath :wink:

If you look at the Alpha datasheet, it shows that the LED is part of the pot. Yeah, the Shruthi PCB would have to be reworked for that, with an extra shift register to drive those guys.

I Love Shift Registers - one more to scramble up!

Ahh ok. Well in that case I am pretty sure it is not the same part the Monotron uses. I have a Monotron, and naturally, I have taken it apart to have a nose around inside already… The pot has no extra connections for an LED. So then I looked underneath the pot, and sure enough there was a tiny surface mount LED on the PCB itself.
I do like the idea of using illuminated rotary encoders though! They look neat, and would give useful visual feedback on all kinds of things…


Those “minipots” are actually the big bulky pots I ship as optional volume pots. In which way is this relevant?

Dave Smith Instruments

Prophet 08 style knobs meant for Evolvers/Mophos, but they are D-style shafts and should probably fit.

@ bassstrings

They are quite expensive, compare yourself.

Hey Bassstrings,

the funny thing is Conrad (the company the link leads to) is pledged here in germany as the most expensive one :wink:

The European equivalent of Guitar Parts is MusikDing / Tubetown (same layout, same products)

Pretty much everything here is for knurled shafts - those knobs have a tiny screw to help them in place against the shaft

@bass strings

I get sifam parts all the time and there is only a $50 minimum through their US dealer (selco). I still have ~200 long ones left over from the MB808 buy…