Knight rider

just some fun done with my synths.
Roland MV8000, Roland Juno106, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim(Viscount) OB12, Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 & Ambika , plus special guest my daughter.
The A/V quality of the video is far from top, but it’s just for fun.

how to post a link on this forum? i have tried several codes but i failed every time

you have to post the link like this

you put it in quotation marks and then add :XXXXX after it where XXXXX is your url

Like this "This is the link to my latest track":url-to-your-latest-track-here<-space here then more text… :slight_smile:
The result would be this This is the link to my latest track I hope y’all dig it ! :slight_smile:

EDIT:With that many apple stickers around your gear, I’m surprised the little bugger on the floor doesn’t have one on her :smiley:

You can see here for Vanilla forum tips or a search whit the word “textile”

@V`cent : yes when i saw the video i thought that all these apple stickers are pointless , but there are only two ;-).

thanks for the tips for the url link.

so here is a fan made video for a song from my previous band called dontlookback, no MI used here, only dx7, ob12, juno, mpc2000xl, 2 guitars and live drums, and i really like this song and video,so need to share.

if you like electro/post-rock

dont look back - dark mobson