Oh yes:

Details: - note different tunings via replaceable resister banks, CVs and gate in, no MIDI


9000 euros.

Idle dream: hybridise a Shruthi with one of these, with a Nixie tube display, of course.

Seems slightly… excessive, no?

“Knifonium is a 25 tube monophonic synthesizer with a 4th order ladder filter and a ring modulator.”

Perhaps I’m missing the point here, but according to this quote the most important feature seems to be that it has 25 tubes


I think the 25 tubes are indeed the key feature here.

It‘s just waiting for someone else to make one with 50 tubes…

From the sound samples that i have heard, it sounds pretty gritty, there’s a lot of distortion in there. It’s a bit like robert moog meets the ramones. Which is cool.
Of course you shouldn’t look at it just considering its pure synthesizer value. As a comparison, it’s a bit like a custom shop Guibson Hummingbird folk guitar. It’s an excellent guitar but you don’t buy it just for its sonical value.
I mean. I wouldn’t put $9000 into such a thing. But it’s understandable.

like the Gillette advert. I swear they’re going to end up wall-mounted.

The Gillette face shredder - “Just rub your face on it, and watch your head disappear!”

Yes, yes, but as beautiful, handmade artefacts go, I’d rather sit on a plastic chair and admire one of these, glowing and growling in my living room, than sit on a piece of handcrafted furniture for the same price, staring into space. It is form over function, but the function is still interesting. However, they definitely missed a trick by not incorporating a nixie tube display for something, even just as a frequency meter to help tune the thing:

Just to make this relevant, I really like the post-modern design ethic of the MI synths, and their cases, in which form follows function, but in a beautiful way. They are the Centres Georges Pompidou of synths.

i suppose that you are rather speaking about a magic eye tube
the problem with nixie and magic eyes is that they aren’t produced anymore for a long time. If i was to build and sell a series of things based on tubes, i would avoid them because you have basically no option for maintenance but buying huge amount of NOS stuff. For my own, diy use or for a single shot prototype : of course i’d want to incorporate some vintage display tubes :slight_smile:

Nixie tubes are adorable. This is my favorite clock - picked it up at a flea-market some 15 years ago. Must be from the 70’s but still working. Sorry for off-topic …

Very nice sound !
Reminds me of Wendy Carlos.
About the display, do you remember those handwatches with that displays ?

strangenoize, I think you might be thinking of LED watches. Nixie tubes predate LEDs, and are a variation on a neon tube. However, there are indeed nixie tube watches:

I think at Octopussy James Bond have had a digital Seiko,
but in a movie before I reckon he has worn one of those,
as I did in the late 70’s, so those must have been tube equipped at that time I guess.

Nixie Tube watch.

(UGH why is this the only forum on the planet that doesn’t automatically make a link clickable???)

it isn’t … :wink:
on topic: I’ve been following Jonte’s efforts for a while - I find the instrument adorable,
a bit like a luxury version of metasonix boxes (SCNR! :wink:
I wouldn’t want to afford one though, but I can see why it’s such expensive!