Kit assembly vs sourced boards

Just wondering if there is a big difference in the builds or if the kit is just recommended for the ease of having all parts in front of you and not having to order and sort threw everything. Also if there 4 pole has a build log or guide since i noticed the yellow magic does.

I just finished a Shruthi and found having all the parts there was very helpful. Olivier included exactly the correct number of every part - not 1 over (so don’t drop anything on the floor).

The 4 pole filter board has a guide…

That’s nice to hear i do hate ordering abunch of little peices but once alls orginized i think it would be okay, thanks for the link to the guide. (oh i meant the 4 pole mission but that board looks cool too.)

if you’re in the US there’s no problem getting all parts from big companies, just if your, say in germany, you’ll need to get some stuff from mouser or digikey, mostly control surface parts

Didn’t want to start a new thread but i was wondering if i bought a normal kit and assembled it would i be able to in the future buy just the filter for any other board and swap it in or would it take a different control also?

Same control board. You just have to add the the other 6 PIN Output Expansion header.

Kits have the correct parts, right component ratings and lead spacings. Sourcing your own means ensuring these parts fit and are the correct rating.

I sourced all the parts because I wanted to, and it can be fun! Be warned that you will not get all the exakt parts, for instance I had to order 4( runs of Audio Jacks until they fit in the board)
I never got the right DC Jack
But fun experience with surely no saving.
Then designing the case was the most time consuming part of the experience but I got it right and now it just looks like the original :slight_smile:

Glad you like the original so much that you put so much time in it recreating it - post a Pic. Ill send you a Victory Candy 4 free if you like :wink:

I would get the kit for sure. My Shruthi was my first DIY audio project in awhile besides some cables and such and I am glad I has everything from the get go. Get your first one up and running, you’ll get excited, then you’ll get the fun of sourcing parts for all your subsequent projects :slight_smile:

Be warned, once you get the hang of self sourcing, all of those PCB’s only available all over the place start to find their way to your house.

Man im at a cross in the roads, id like to order one this week if i order the kit i know i will be happy and have fun building/ playing the only thing is if i am going to be investing 200 dollars id rather get what i want first time i dont see my self buying another shruthi in the near future (its been a year since i thought i was buying my first one and still dont own one.) so is it going to be a problem finding parts or will i be fine with just going to mousers / small bear. ps do i need to buy the chip from the store when i buy my board(the one that holds the coding)?

I can acknowledge this…it ends in a pile of projects !

…and it gets even worse if you start developing your own stuff. I highly recommend staying away from any PicAxe/Arduino/Whatever Microcontroller Platform. Usually Ends ugly…

Just start with the kit… sure you will be building more shruthi’s later on!
Wich other filter are you looking for?

better start with a kit as first one. you get all the parts that you’d have to order from 2 or 3 different suppliers and the kit is even cheaper.

I say get the kit as well. The SMR4 mkii is awesome.

SMR4 mkII KIT is the way to start. Great part selection.

You can self source, but the specific variants of parts chosen by MI in their kit not only work, but look great and last too.

Not all kits sold around the internets are this thorough or high-quality (most are not actually!)

I always choose MI kit if possible.

If you self source you will have some components left over and then you will feel compelled to give those components a home (hopefully another Mutable one). This will continue and continue and continue.

well i have a small electronics colelction started. i have been trying to learn arduino and some guitar pedal stuff just been really broke,i was looking at the 4pm and the filter board with overdrive i kinda want some girth to this little beast.