Kinks S&H can´t get triggered negative voltage only

Hi everyone,

i have a Kinks with a broken S&H section. There is no Noise
output and i can´t get it triggered at all. The red LED only
lights up, no flashing.
The output (noise as well) generates a negative voltage only.
The Sign and Logic section are working fine.

Have you some advice which part could be broken.
Measuring/soldering is no problem.

Many thanks in advance!

Try replacing the op-amp, or contact to get a replacement module.

The negative voltage seems to be not the problem
and can probably be neglected.

But i cant trigger the S&H, a LFO (square) or a gate from a beatstep pro schould do the job or am I wrong?

And the noise output are silent too.

The whole S&H section is dead, and I suspect this is because the op-amp involved in every subcircuit (noise generation, S&H) is defective.

Hence my suggestion to replace it, or contact me by email to get a replacement unit.

Thank you very much for the incredibly good service!!!