Kinks: New unit S&H Issue [Solved, see comments]

I recently purchased a new Kinks and have an issue with the S&H area of the unit.

I’ve created a simple LFO with my Maths unit and am sending it to the input of the S&H. However, the LED doesn’t light up and the output is a simple 0.16 voltage. There is also no noise. (I’m monitoring output and noise in my Mordex DATA).

The top two units “Sign” and “Logic” seem to react as expected.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I’ve been browsing the internet trying to find examples of this but haven’t been lucky so far.

Quick follow up, here’s a link to my layout: Kinks Config - Album on Imgur

The top voltage monitor is the output of my Maths LFO. Steady from 0 to 5v.
The second monitor (#2 in blue) is the output of the S&H section of the kinks module.
It held at a steady ~3v after I restarted my board. As of the time of this writing it’s fallen to 2.5v. And doesn’t appear to react to the LFO input.

What are you sending to trigger?

In the example above trigger is empty.

I swapped the LFO out of the input and into the trigger, but it had no real effect.

I also tried creating a second LFO and sending it to the trigger while LFO 1 when to the input.

Here’s an album out lining the setup: Kinks Part 2 - Album on Imgur

In the first case (trigger, empty input) the S&H outputted a constant 1.45v

In the second case (two LFOs: to trigger/input) the S&H outputted a constant -1.48v

A S&H circuit needs a source signal (some voltage source to sample from) and a sample trigger patched (telling it when to sample) to function as intended.

I cannot speak to how sharp of a rising edge the trigger signal has to be for kinks in particular, it may be expecting a sharp pulse, so depending on the lfo you fed it, it may not have been sharp enough or if a high enough amplitude. Try the EOR or EOC outputs as a trigger signal.

According the the manual, the trigger input “Requires a signal with sharp rising edges (clock/gate/trigger generator, square LFO or VCO).”

On my Kinks, the noise output is a very low level, but the S&H works when I use a square wave LFO for trigger.

Ty crid!

I was able to get the trigger working by sending a +/- 5v square wave.

The saw-shaped LFO I was sending it wasn’t functioning as a trigger. That was the heart of the issue.

I also tried passing the trigger a 0-to-10v square wave, and got the same S&H pattern. So I think it just needs to be a square with a 10v range, to trigger the S&H.

Thanks blue, good call.

I would post links to my layout on imgur, but it appears to be getting flagged as spam by the forum bot.

I’ve updated the topic description to better describe the issue and mark it as resolved.