King Korg Oscillator Control Knob

I think perhaps Korg grabbed a Shruthi-1 and copied the Osc parameter idea?

King Korg

The more I see and hear this thing 'though, the more I’m liking it.

To stay ahead of the game you can now do this in 2 dimensions with Braids :slight_smile:

we want it in 4D … and we want it yesterday…

+1, also needs moar joystick! Easily done in the Modularama™ world. Plan B vector plotter, or the Intellijel or Doepfer joystick modules are out there. Plus more I’m sure.

the intelijel is a lightweight contender :wink:

Wiard Jag

Or something else :slight_smile:

oh ho!

one of the cool things about the King Korg is that you can feed any of the “oscillators” through the synth section including the full sampled pianos not just the oscillator waveforms. I love this thing.

that sounds just like what yamaha did with RCM synthesis back in the early 90s in reverse

I’m getting sold on this thing

I played one the other day and didnt like it. It felt like a cheesey version of the MS2000.