Kind of distortion out of the Shruthi-1. Is it normal?

I successfully assembled a Shruthi-1 (the documentation helped me a lot, since I was the first time I solder something), but the sounds the Shruthi-1 produce seem a little bit distorted.
Here are some examples with the built-in presets “junon” and “sawwy” (I did not browsed every preset, but these two are pretty representative) :
Is this distortion normal ?

Thanks !

Hmmm, which power supply do you use?

Ok, I’m sorry but I solved this problem by my own (I I should have tried some things before asking on here). Actually the problem was on the power supply. It has a voltage selector and it was too low, maybe i switched it with my feet …

So thank you very much for your help !

EDIT : @pichenettes, cross posts ! (I don’t think that it odes mean something in english, but you understood (I hope))

sounds like you have some values switched around. Check the resistors, stuff that has the same patterns in particular (1k, 10k, 100k-> Brown, blk, blk, brown; brown, blk, blk, red; brown, blk, blk, orange easy to mix up)

No, thankfully the probleme is not the soundcard. I many cables and many audio-in (soundcard, guitar amp, and even directly headhones ouch my ears), and there is still this annoying distortion.
(I wrote “thankfully” because I prefer have to change a single transistor or an op-amp than a expensive soundcard :slight_smile: )

An intermodulation distortion ? Never heard of it …

@saponace: No, it’s not normal - as Frank mentions, it could be your audio interface being overloaded, although it sounds to me more like some sort of intermodulation distortion.


How did you record this? Directly to the SoundCard? If so its most likely your AudioIn Device that distorts, Shruhtis Out is quite hot.

Ah, that explains the ‘intermodulation distortion’ sound then :wink:

When your voltage is too low you get a buzzing distortion that modulates the Shruthi sound.

Anyway, well discovered!