Kick sound of anushri

I finished assembling Anushri, I’ve only tested the sound and seems to work well. I have only one question. The bass kick is a bit messy because bitcrusher distortion effect. I can not leave the queue clean bass kick.

That is so or is there something I’m doing wrong?

In the demo video in youtube Anushri mutable instruments, the sound of the kick is heard clean, but in the demos I hear from users Anushri always hear that distortion type in the queue bitcrusher bass drum.

(excuse my English but I’m with the google translator) upss!

The kick is like this. It’s 8 bits sound. It’s normal

Works as designed. If you want a clean Basedrum you are wrong here.

can you post the link to that youtube video?

i think the drums in that video are either filtered or it uses another bassdrum.

the sound of the drums and why the character of the bitrate and dac method are more noticable in the bassdrum has been discussed here a few times.

for example here:

it’s not possible to make real 909 style kick with 8 bit digital. i doubt it’s even possible with more bit.

a 909 kick with digital synthesis is not possible. Even for our Mad Scientist @ Work

Well, I wouldn’t be that categorical. Most of the time you hear a 909 kick it’s on digital records. It’s just a matter of resolution. Imo with a 16 bits resolution you can already get a good enough approximation. 12 bits might be a good balance.

Ah, a sample doesn’t count, else ill relabel my Emu to Möøg :wink:

this is the link

to hear a loud sound, shows the distortion in the sound of the kick tail.

I think it has an external filtering noise that is heard very clean sound

Your external filtering i the shitty sound of a compressed Video…

Yeah, I don’t think there’s a group deal you can do in terms of post-processing, to get rid of the aliasing artefacts. You just have to accept the sound for what it is, really. Or, compress the hell out of it, and treat it as an effect


This is just the aliasing you get with 8-bit. There’s really nothing you can do about it (trust me, I tried back in my Amiga days ;)).

I’m not sure there’s any fancy waveshaping in the 909 kick but I might be wrong.

There’s a good summary on how the 909 kick is generated in:

I think the heavy mp3 compression is paradoxically removing some of the noise/graininess; and the rest falls under the perceptual masking curve of the synth tone. I did not fake anything in this video :slight_smile:

If you want a clean kick use the MIDI out :slight_smile:

This is a baaaaad Tip which will lead to something like this: “I tried the MIDI out and soldered a wire to this akward 5Pin DIN -> 6.3mm. All i get is a massive DC Offset an some nasty Clicks. HELP! My Ansuhri IS broken!”

@fcd72 not as far-fetched a scenario as you might thing, given 5-pin DIN sockets have been used for audio applications in the past. I spotted one on a weird old combined tape deck/mic preamp/speaker thing here at work just yesterday, in fact.


Back in the Glorious days when you only needed 2 Cable to wire your tape to your amp and the clever japanese/americanos told us the rya Jacks are better…