Keystep for Cloud calibration - Did I do this right?

Hi everyone,
I apologize for the dummy question but I feel you can help.
I got a second hand Cloud unit with Parasite. I wanted to experience the original firmware first, so I uploaded the 1.31 version found on MI website. Then I tried to calibrate the unit.
I don’t currently have any VCO I can use, so I was trying to do this with my Arturia Keystep connecting its CV pitch to Cloud.
I first tried with C2 and C4 but that didn’t work. Tried other combinations, no success either. Then got a crappy multimeter and (unless I got it wrong) I realized that Keystep has to play much lower notes, C-1 and C1, to send 1v and 3v.

This is the Keystep’s software control panel (default settings - as you can see 0v corresponds to C-2)

At least now the pitch in Cloud seems to be working fine (turning it all the way to the right it transposes the audio one or two octaves higher than the original, which I assume is the intended result).
I’m just not sure this calibration I did is completely correct. Thoughts?

Yes, you did it right…

There are several standards regarding the translation of notes to voltages…

Eurorack (Doepfer, Mutable Instruments): 0V = lowest note on a 61 note keyboard.
Middle C (Moog Eurorack): 0V = middle C.
Absolute 0 (Arturia): 0V = lowest MIDI note.

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Thank you, I wish I had noticed that Arturia setting earlier. maybe it’s worth adding your answer above to the online manual for other dummy users like me that might need it in the future. :slight_smile:

P.s: in the MuffWiggler thread on Parasite, I see that the original firmware linked there is 1.82 (while the one on your website says 1.31). Are they the same file?


having a good multimeter or even a small and cheap oscilloscope is really handy in eurorack!

I have never released a version of Clouds’ firmware numbered 1.82. Maybe someone wanted to write 1.02?

The one on the website is the latest.