I’m after a full-length second hand keyboard for my uni room, and I’m not sure whether I’d be best getting a midi keyboard and a midi sound module, or a cheap digital piano. I’ve set a budget of around £50, with a little wiggle room. At the moment, my general looking round has found a studiologic VMK88 midi keyboard, and a roland RD100 stage piano. The VMK88’ll probably come in a cheaper even inc. shipping, however I’d need a sound module to go with it, which pushes the price up. The piano’s more expensive, and might end up pushing my budget a bit, but I can pick that up myself, and save on shipping, although that would involve bringing it home via train and bus…
It’ll be used for stuff like piano practices; however, that said, I find sprung action less of a nuisance than a poor quality weighted action keyboard, as I find a lot of them to be rather clunky.
Which does anyone reckon to be the better way to go?

I always found spring action to be really bad if you try to practice piano playing, so I would go for a second-hand digital piano of some sorts. But of course if that’s not an issue for you then you could as well go with some midi keyboard, which might stay useful also in the future. I found digital pianos to be totally unusable as master keyboard due to how they handle velocity (but that might be a problem just with the Yamahas).

You could also just use a computer with some plugins in stead of a sound module.

The Studiologic has the FATAR TP9 Piano Keybed which doesn’t feel exactly as a Piano - it only has some weights and Bubble Contacts, no further Mechanics. Think of it as a Rhodes-Type Keybed, you need way less force than for a Piano, but its pretty much useless as a Synthesizer Keyboard, albeit its perfectly fine if you just want to play some ePiano Sounds or like the Waterfall Keyboard from your Organ of Choice and have some Pads’n’Strings or just want to type in some Lines into a Sequencer. Its not the type of Keybed thats suited for funky brass action - at least if you are not Jordan Rudess or Steve Porcaro :wink:
But for 50GBP - Id get it.