Keyboard for DIY synth

Does anybody know where to buy a new, “naked” keyboard for DIY synthesizers (37 & 49 keys)?
Something like THIS
It seems that Fatar doesn’t sell them via online store :frowning:

Probably the most economic variant is to buy Midistart and throw out the casing…

Yups, cannibalizing a Keyboard is the DIY way to go for cheap. DOEPFER sells FATAR Keyboards, but you need some electronics + the wheels + the electronics for the wheels… adds up to 70€ (only as long as they are still in stock) + 10 for Cables + 85€ for the Key Electonic + 40€ for the Wheel Electronics + 30€ for the Wheels = 235€ for the naked thing. Now think over the 125€ for a DIY Synth :wink:

china … seriously … they may sell you a sample thinking you are a dealer

Looking for a scraped Poly800 or similar old wrecked synth might be an alternative. Especially old Korg M1 have a pretty good keyboard. Semi-weighted with good, punchy aftertouch.

I was thinking about using a MIDI controller. All of the electronics are there, and if I was hooking to a Shruthi or Ambika, I could just make MIDI connections internally. Might be a fun way to make a 4-voice Shruthi.

I was thinking on this one:
Velocity sensitive, cheap and (that’s a guess) a little better quality than Midistart. I think that’s better (if you just want the keyboard) that killing a working synth. Besides, most of the 80’s ones have crappy keyboards with no velocity.
I can’t stop thinking on a small keyboard Ambika, with lots of pots (10k ones, fcd72 :wink: ).
I sold all my 80s polysynths, because I was tired of maintenance and obsessively afraid of them diying in my hands…
Ambika is, for me, the best “analog” poly right now. Soundwise, I like it more that an Andromeda I used to have.
Now I just have a slim phatty and an Eurorack modular, and I really miss the feeling of a good sounding 80’s polysynth (Juno, where are you now?). So I’m dreaming this days with wooden sides, small keyboard, a nice metal frontpanel, lots of knobs and sliders… I have even dissassembled a very nice analog chorus guitar pedal (Arion Stereo Fat Chorus) and I’m planning on throwing it at the end of the chain…
A little offtopic, sorry :slight_smile:

Make one if you have any woodworking skills :slight_smile:

I will! :wink:

I’ve only seen Doepfer / Fatar boards for sale, there must be some others as I believe some Japanese manufacturers make their own keys. The one Doepfer distributor here is in LA and the stuff is costly.

Making a case wouldn’t be a Herculean undertaking. A thin sheet aluminum top (6063) and a pert aluminum bottom of sides. A wooden rectangle as the carcass. You’d need a template for drilling the top and the exact, correct bit for cutting a clean hole. A little painstaking, but tremendously rewarding.

Make a controller or keyboard from anything :slight_smile:

Right, I forgot about wheels…

I would not kill Alesis (or any older synth)!
Midistart is a different story - it is new and has “no personality” :wink:

I got my soon to be sacrificed MIDI Masterkeyboard for 17,50€ on eBay

I can’t stop thinking on a small keyboard Ambika, with lots of pots

I’m dreaming of Ambika keyboard with JD-800 type interface…
I think, it will be done as early as 2044 :slight_smile:

This guy is very inspiring!

Yup, the Diva controller is fantastic…something that is the main actor in my sweet dreams !

You have dreams of virtual analog synths? Go get a dose of Mutable Gear :wink:

@nightworxx or just get the Little Shruthi Keyboard

Hey guys ! Get a grip, the Shruthi is for me right the way it is. Diva is a fun for itself and the controller is absoltely a genius work, even for a software.
I am fan of keyboards with at least 49 key upwards. To be honest, i like my keyboard separated. But i am most likely a great fan of the controller section ;-). So it will be a Shruthi XT !
One knob per function is what makes me hot…And my favorite dreams are still a Prophet 5 model 2 or a Korg Monopoly hrhrhr

The good ole P5. I exchanged this Dream for a Wave 2.3 + Waveterm B, once i played one.

Sorry for the necro.
Just got myself a brandnew Fatar keyboard in 49 keys (with aftertouch !) for a little less than 90€ @newgroove italy. First order from this company, and everything arrived well packed and quick.

My project needs a 37keys one and they offer it as well at lower price but it’s not available at the moment. Furthermore 37keys have 1x20 pins connector and 49 keys have 2x 16pins.I prefered pay a little more and get the mandatory for my project, 2x16 pins and avoid hassle of rewiring the matrix (lazy). One side note, you need to take care about the diode orientation as well.

Saying that i need some help for cutting it to the desired lenght.
As the matrix will loose some connections when cutting from 49 to 37keys, what is the best way to replug those. Flying wires ? Or maybe i can leave it unwired as those keys won’t be there anymore ?