Keiko Narahashi - Shimokita Nights

I came across this new album today, it’s awesome!

is that your album?

I like it!

Hello everybody!

It’s keiko! :slight_smile: … Nice to see my album mentioned! I advertised on some reddit sites, so maybe leighzi88 san saw it there?! …I have just joined mutable because I have a shruthi! :slight_smile: … here is my other equipment:

Akai MPC Renaissance / Akai 4000DS MKII / DSI Prophet 6 / Dreadbox Erebus / Elektron Machinedrum / Fender Jazzmaster / Korg SV-1 / Teenage Engineering OP-1 / OTO Biscuit / MFB 522 / Moog Sub 37 / Nord Drum 2 / Roland RE-201 / Strymon El Capistan / Strymon Big Sky / Vermona DRM1 MK3 / Vermona Perfourmer / Waldorf Blofeld / Warm Audio WA-12

Hope you enjoy my songs, but they are a bit wonky! I am not professional, just like to play with my drum machines and synthesizers :slight_smile:

keiko narahashi

I also like it very much! I actually like the wonkyness of these, it’s a nice wonkyness :slight_smile:
Sorry for being suspicious, when somebody who hasn’t really been posting on the forums comes up with a post like this it always smells a bit like badly-disguised self-promo, but all the more I’m happy to have been proven wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your thoughts rumplefilter san! I like wonky sound too, although sometimes it’s hard for me to make it sound nice :slight_smile: … Oh I have been listening to some Ambika videos tonight, wow I really like that sound

Nice music congrats

Thank you varthdader san! (Nice name! :). And thank you to everyone who has purchased my album :slight_smile:

keiko narahashi

Small world… According to Reddit leighzi88 has exactly the same collection of gear as keiko_narahashi!

Strangely, they just happened to bump into each under similar circumstances over on the Elektronauts forum too.

So maybe my suspicion wasn’t all that wrong?

OK People, I confess, I made this album!

Also, I am satoshi, and your Clouds is secretly mining bitcoins for me.

Sad promo tactics aside, the music´s nice.

Pichenettes now I get the “Cloud” in Clouds! Does it also share usage info?