Kawai SX-210 Filter

Hi Guys

I never thought that kawai ever had an cool sounding analogue synth. After 06:20 min hear it and let me know, if its possible to make a shruthi with this filter…

Awesome sweep… :slight_smile:


Again me -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsHwKACvtLA (WOW)

Sounds like normal low pass to me. But with some LFO on the cut off at times.

It uses SSM chips, so you’d be looking at the obsolete SSM board to get close to that. But there’s more to the sound of a synth than its filter, the oscillators are the sound source, the filter just “subtracts” parts of the sound. Hence subtractive synthesis.

I used to own an SX210. 6581punk is correct: it used SSM2044 filter chips (Same as the Korg Polysix/61)

There were filter boards available for the Shruthi based on the SSM2044 at one time (http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1/build/ssm2044) but it looks like they’re no longer available. Might be able to pick up a used one, or roll your own.

The sound of a SSM2044 is the sound of a classic 4-pole OTA-C filter with low internal signal levels, and no resonance compensation. Start with a SMR4mkII. Remove the resonance level compensation (220nF cap) if you are not satisfied with the sound. From there, you can also lower the signal levels by lowering the 33k resistor in the mixer.

@Pichenettes. So i buy an SMR4mkII and didn’t mount the 220nF (both C30 and C20) ?? And also use 10k resistor instead of 33k ?

@Pichenettes: Do you realy have closed the shop ? :wink: :frowning:

It’s closed for the holidays - to do the inventory and hopefully allow Olivier to have a bit of quality time.

It appears olivier should sign up for the mutahololics club

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If olivier has time to answer bei last question for 220nf or somebody else, then coolz :slight_smile:

C30 and C20 are 220uF (they are in the power supply and you will get very different results by removing those), Olivier was talking about the 220nF at C19. Try it first with the 33k resistor before putting in a smaller one, you may have to experiment with different values.

A 22k in place of the 33k gives nice results.

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Wups, my fault… nf uf… argh… :slight_smile:

Ok guys… I will try it… What experiences do you have with 22k? sharper or fatier filter? :)))

Ehm, yeah, so where are the limits i forgot to ask 11k - 68k ??

@john. Slightly cleaner. With a lot of resonance, the filter starts to distort (part of the smr4 characteristic). With the 22k, the resonance is purer, but can overwhelm the oscillators. It wasn’t enough to bother me though. Coincidentally, this change brought the smr4 closer to sounding almost identical to the IR3109 filter (oop

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, thats music in my ears… Jojojojojojojojo, i will buy again by olivier as soon he’s rising uf from the sleep again a fnk cool SMR4 :slight_smile:

Love everyday more the shruthi stuff! qp did you also modd the yellowish? :wink:


? Yellowish? Anushri or Yellow Magic? Anushri = no. Yellow Magic, haven’t built one yet. I’m probably going to get another SMR-4 and put these to try different caps & resistors.

Hey qb, i love that what you are trying… Want to be informed when you find something cool :slight_smile:

Yellow magic right! It sounds awesome! Love it… My first self build shruthi :slight_smile: Made a lot of mistakes… But i’m learning… :slight_smile: Sad, that i haven’t learned electronica :frowning: Need to find good Electronica for dummy stufff… Want to learn some things

circuit bending is how I learned. I would go to the thrift stores and load up on cheap kids toys. Fried just about all of them. I learned a lot of what NOT to do. Then I started building guitar effect pedals. The Shruhti was my first synth. Most of what I learned came from trial and error and lots of reading documents found online. Since shruthi, I have built full analog synths. For me, the best teacher is learning the hard way: frying just about every part :stuck_out_tongue: