JX8P problem, wonder if MI community can help?

Hey, i got a JX8P with a faulty parameter slider. i bought contact cleaner to fix it but it goes right back to being useless 5 minutes after it dries. For now im going to wait for my MIDIpal to arrive, try to see if i can send SYSEX info to it since the params cant be controlled by regular CC. I’d rather fix the slider though, its almost useless since its un-programmable. My ultimate dream would be to just mod it into a rack module with a programmer on it with knobs or sliders, but that seems far beyond my capabilities right now. Is it possible to replace this edit slider and solder in a newer one? I bought it for 350 so i dont really think i could sell it for the same with the slider malfunctioning, but i wouldn’t mind spending a bit to mod it to be something i wouldn’t ever want to sell.
thanks for any help! and sorry for the paragraph…

I have no idea what the exact fader (I believe it’s due to lighting technicians that they’re called that)that you would need for the JX8P is called, but I’m certain that it can be changed for a new one, and hopefully someone has already done it & documented it(or the part might say something like a10k, indicating that it’s a alhpa brand 10k fader)… Sorry I couldn’t be more help :confused:

alright, I could take it apart again. i already had the PCB board its attached to out to try and see if anything seemed array, but nothing. if i could look again to see if it says a10K on it or anything would that possibly tell you more? i found this site http://www.syntaur.com/roland_jx.html with 3 different jx 8p sliders, not sure which one is the edit as they’re labeled strange but one of them is sold out. more than likely the one i need.


This would be a good point to start at…Loads of Links to service manuals, maybe the JX8P is listed somewhere

I cleaned the faders from an antique ARP odyssey once… What I did was to unsolder them, rip them open, clean everything with some alcool and contact cleaner, and mount them again. That worked pretty well… It’s a lot of work but worth a try imho.

Thank you both! i’ll be looking for the service manual and depending on what it says will probably go ahead and do what MicMicMan did. i had that idea when i had it opened up but i wasn’t aware if the sliders could be taken apart, and i’m new to soldering so it didn’t seem like the best idea. i suppose theres not much i can damage tho besides putting a faulty solder joint on. thanks again though will try to work on this today.
I really love the 8P’s sound, but it turns me off so much not being able to program.

Understandable. :wink:

Maybe it’s also possible to find some replacement part. If you take it appart put some pictures here. Who knows what people on this forum keep in their storage.
I looked here for you but he doesn’t seem to have the part.

Sorry, a little new here. The syntaur guys are usually pretty spot-on when something is damn near impossible to find. A lot of times it’s not so much 10k vs something else, but the height of the post, and the pin position that will make replacements hard to find. Drop them an email, and they can probably provide more detail on the exact part.

You could also maybe drop a line to Three Wave Music (http://www.threewavemusic.com/), as they have some pretty magical connections to folks back in Japan. I’m sure they’d sell you a part (if it can be found) if you asked really, really nicely.

Did you try CTRLR to send sysex to it? I don’t know what’s up with that project at the moment, seems the JX8P panel is in the ‘depricated’ section. Perhaps you’d have to load the previous version.

i haven’t tried CTRLR yet though i do have it installed, i dont have a dedicated Midi to USB device. i was thinking of just buying a controller that can send sysex to use for my xp instead of a pg-800, but if it takes up the Midi-in that still is kind of useless as i would have to unplug the controller after programming to resume playing. it would work if i could use the pg-800 midi port in back though, and still have the rest of the midi ports free. anyone know if this works? if so i might as well invest in one of these http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/BCR2000.aspx

If the controller has a midi trough it shouldn’t be a problem?

wow how did i not think of that. so suppose it does have midi through, your suggesting i could hook it up like sequencer -in> controller -thru> jx8p ? that way all my sequencers data is still shoving past the BCR and i can still sequence properly. thanks again ill look into this

I’m suggesting something like :
DAW/Sequencer Midi OUT->Controller Midi trough->JX8P Midi IN

…Should work exactly like you want it to :slight_smile:

awesome, i use an mpc so i was concerned this wouldn’t work but thinking about it i don’t see a problem, its nothing but midi info. i was talking to someone who owns a BCR and jx8p as well and they told me this is how they have it set up as well. i wouldn’t be having this problem if the synth could be controlled CC lol. thanks though gunna invest in one of these asap i guess. feeling better when i look at this synth already

Hey again everyone, im planning on buying a programmer but in the meantime still having trouble fixing/replacing the fader. i currently have the circuit board with the pots out to clean it all and on the side it has " M - 10 k ohm 8 (or B?) 55 E - " if that helps. is there anywhere i can find these faders perhaps not under jx 8p labels? thanks again everyone

if you have an ipad then look at this layout i made / use regularly.

however i’m very interested if you ever found a solution, my jx-8p has the same issue

Roland still stocks the faders I think I emailed them 3 weeks ago when i bought my jx8p, let me pop downstairs and see if I have the email still

"Hey Robert, thanks for your inquiry.

You can purchase the midi jack (#13429168 @ $6.55), the volume slider (#13339455 @ $2.89), the output jack (#5100003941 @ $1.43) and the headphones jack (#03568167 @ $1.43) by contacting the Roland parts department @ 604-270-6626 ext 108.

Thank you,

thats Roland Canada ( parts@roland.ca )

oh wow thats awesome! thanks for the info

i might replaced the mono outputs on mine, as well as a few faders. good to know it’s relatively available. thanks!

I have some really noisy outputs on my JX-8P. I might have to look into replacing them :smiley:

Noisy in what kind of context ? Trying to replace the jacks may not deliver the expected result, if the signal path is faulted. Have you tried to grab the signal before it reaches the jack and checked it ? Try to follow the signal after the amp until it starts sucking :wink: