Just wanna say Hi

Hey guys,

just wanted to introduce myself to this board - some of you might know me from elektron-users or ohpeewon.

I’m a future Ambika owner who ordered a 6 voice SMR4 unit from tubeohm (since I can’t solder for the life of me). It should arrive soon and I can’t wait to integrate it into my setup. Already own a MidiPal and am very happy with it.

When I heard the Terminator-theme like “Epic” preset, I knew that I had to get an Ambika. Those demos on soundcloud really blew me away.

If you’re interested, check out my tunes. And expect some Ambika goodness there soon.


Welcome :slight_smile:


enjoying the sounds, like r&b under water

@boboter you like your handclaps, don’t you? Fortunately, I do too :wink:
Maybe you can synthesise a better one than my effort, when you get your Ambika :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny, I just listened to your clap sounds :slight_smile:
I love claps a lot. Prefer them to a snare any day of the week.
Most claps I use are samples of real hands clapping, though. So don’t expect too much from me in that department :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s pretty much exactly what I’m going for…


Re. synthesised clap; I’m glad you recognised them as that, anyway :wink:
I guessed you were using sampled ones. Slightly slowed-down, maybe? I don’t know if you have an iOS device, but there’s a nice little one-trick-pony app by Puremagnetik based on samples of a vintage analogue clap synthesiser, that sounds pretty nice. Not especially realistic, but a nice sound in it’s own right, I think.


Yeah, they are all samples. And mostly a few claps layered onto each other. Not really slowed down, though. But everything else is :slight_smile:

Didn’t know of that app. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tipp!


I’m really digging your work, is there any chance that you will release “Longings” as a CD ? I would like to support but I hate the idea of paying for music files :confused:


Thank you. Sorry disappoint you but there are no plans to release on CD so far. But you can buy it on tape at my bandcamp. Download is included of course. http://jogginghouse.bandcamp.com/album/longings

Edit: Also you can just download it for free. No need to pay anything.


I just bought your tape. mainly because i really like the tracks, but also because tapes are cool and i just resurrected this beast from the dead (took just a few belts to be honest).

Anyway, good job

@macMOE wow, nice machine. Is that a vertical record player?


Nice tracks!

Awesome! Thank you so much for the support. I’m very honored my tape will be played on this beautiful stereo. This thing looks super cool.

I have yet to find a nice looking tape deck for the living room. Mine is a little “basic” :slight_smile:

Thx for checking them out, mate.

Yes, its a vertical player. It has one tonearm on each side of the record so it can play an endless loop. very ambitious engineering on that thing.

No need to feel honored. I’m just happy people still release music on tapes. That’s awesome.

Also, i got this machine pretty cheap. Since there are plenty of service manuals and forums for boombox-maniacs out there in the www, repairing isn’t that hard (unless it’s just completely faqued). So if you see a nice one for a reasonable price , just get it. It’s also very satisfying to see them work again. I’m still standing in front of it, when i play a record ^^