Just some pics of my final assembly

Just wanted to post some pics of the final assembly, swapped out caps to styrene ones and added a volume knob on the side. Thanks for the help since I self sourced came together pretty easy!

Also here is a pic of all my DIY sound making devices, soon to be joined by a sammichsSID also :smiley:

i know where the party is at!
nice collection! good looking!

have you made any nice music with them all?

Eh my music making ability pretty much sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

But I love building and using electronics that make and effect sound, once I get a proper place to work that’ll help too, right now I’m pretty much crammed into a single room. It’s a winter hobby thing, when summer comes it’s car time, plus I’m better at that!

On a side note, you’ll see I added a heat sink to the positive regulator, it seemed to get pretty warm even when plugged into 9VDC, probably because it’s running everything else, unlike the negative regulator.

Great builds!
By the way are you the arduinome starfire guy ?

Yeah that’s me, forgot to put it into the pic but it really doesn’t make it’s own sound.

I’m really looking forward to the sammich since I love chiptune and I seem to be better at making it too.

I was on the “SHvanBommel’s never ending group buy”, great design thank you for doing this. ( Makes me think I had to finish my arduinome case )
I don’t have a sammichSID but I have a C=64 running mssiah64, and all I can say is those SID chips sounds really great to me. ( I mean, if you are into chiptune you will really love it )

Yeah I feel so bad about that whole thing, I should have organized it myself, but he just stepped in and took over and seemed to be doing a good job, live and learn I guess.

I’ve been thinking of doing a small run of the arduinome boards with parts, but I’d pre-buy everything and then just get a list going.

I’ve been trying to hack together a 8-bit synth based of an arduino to make it easy for others, but with all the options for kits and such it just doesn’t seem worth it. Might try to work up a sequencer using again the arduino, there is the GorF but (which I am going to self source one with some custom buttons) you can’t buy the kit anymore and the buttons are godly expensive in the US

It was an extra that came with my xox kit, though you can get them at mouser or digikey.


Nice :slight_smile: I have (2) x0xb0xes and a WTPA also…

But where is your 128 Arduinome???

AND, par hasard, have u got some unsold logic board and button board and pad left? Or kit? :smiley:

I might have a logic board around and parts, I’d have to look.

My 128 is currently about 1/2 apart, but I’ll put it back together soon. :smiley: