Just say thx to mutable and the comunity

here the story for short…
started a shruthi build 6 yeas ago…did the vst editio based on ctrl …anyhow girfriend did not allow anymore sit that much on computer…i stated ok …im fine i try some new and fall finaly into analog …6 years later i end up with that…(near all black are diy)…no more space at the moment …so i stopped building…found the mutable dev enviroment and get those to work on weekend so i jump now on coding again (new girlfriend and winter :slight_smile: …lets see where this ends up now …
finaly i have to say many thx to all of you and to olivier…without mutable i maybe would not jump on the anslog side and still would use vsts…music or other stuff if interest could be found on yt widy75 …bc i build to make kind of music :wink: 20180208_202509|690x387
thx widy