Just one thing about the Ambika volume pot discussion

Keep in mind that the Official Ambika Case Design will very likely contain one or more paisleys, just like on the Official Shruthi Case.

This might help offset the “uglyness” when applied strategically.

@fcd why at full volume, not at something like 60-80%, for not driving the amp to the max, where it’s less clean?

I like it on the front. I’ve got a mixer but I like grabbing what’s nearest to hand when jamming

I was talking about the amp/output stage from the synth, I wouldn’t be too worried about the console (Even though I plan on eventually buying a Behringer 1602)…

I simply wouldn’t expect the synthmakers to take into account the optimum S/N-ratio, and as such set my devices to around 60 percent, only increasing them to ~80-90% if it wasn’t loud enough (screw making up gain with the console, that’s usually a bad idea).

Good to hear that at least some synthmakers take it into account, if not all… :slight_smile:

As far as the volume pot goes, I say exclude it entirely. That is what mixers are for! Not as easy to use when taking it around, but I usually set and forget the volume on my “stay at home” synths. I adjust the mixer. That is why it think it is better on the back; it isn’t necessary.
Of course, more people want a white case, so I’m not too interested in this version anyway. I will add that if you want a volume pot for easy volume setting on-the-go, get a black case as it won’t show dirt as much as white.

Perfectionist’s Nightmare ™

I’ve both, front and back pot, and find it a lot more useful in the front, and didn’t think it looks too bad aesthetically

Haha, well! I was hoping to get an easy win by alluding to old dictators… Godwin’s law would have made me win this discussion the moment somebody would have brought up the name of that guy (either from Austria or Georgia). It’s not easy to trap people these days.

I still win though, no matter how it turns out by majority, I can still have one made up to look exactly like I want it, sans the offending pot. It would be cool with a black case with silver screen print instead of white… Or the ultimate joke™, put an Ambika in an Andromeda case, make sure all the pots send the right NRPNs, CCs and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill offer Crystallized™ by™ Swarovski™ Hole™ Caps™ ™ for the ones that don’t like the Hole :wink:

Or a badge that clips into the hole.

Well I see I have stepped into a wasp nest here… :smiley:
Well majority still wins and I’ll throw in some extra paisley power to to make the volume pot look ok on the frontpanel!

It’s great that white wins though!

Can you add some Swarovskis - pleeeeeeease ?

Sure, we’ll make a special fcd72 edition with swarovski knobs, golden sides and a big holographic display.

Please use an Magenta/Orange/Gold/Cobalt Blue color scheme….

@fcd72: That sounds a bit Like This.

@rumpelfilter: I’m sure the paisley will make everything ok. Or a holographic display.

Needs moar blowjob! Swarowski bling doesn’t do it for me.

The hole for the pots have 10mm diameter by default, according to this table you need a 3,5 carat Brilliant Cut Diamond for this. According to this Site its something between 100k€ and 455k€ a bit depending on quality.
Is this Blowjob enough for you?

@fcd72: Hmm, I don’t see the synth performing it. Mangelhaft!
Guess you can’t have it all…

Taking this back to the original topic, I prefer the volume pot on the front panel of the Ambika because it allows quick output level changes that are sometimes necessary when changing patches, cutoff, resonance, envelope, etc… Especially when working with the Ambika already inside a mix with other elements present. Yes I could reach over to my mixer or audio interface and adjust the level, or do it in software, but both of those options are just not as convenient as having it next to all of the other knobs. Reaching around the back wouldn’t be the worst solution in the world, but not being able to see the marker is a little bit unerving. Maybe it’s just psychological, but having a volume pot present and visible on a piece of gear just feels right to me.

I really don’t think the volume pot breaks some sort of symmetry or ruins the design at all. That is, unless you have a hyper-minimal studio and one knob out of place drives you so insane that all your mixes will be thrown off because you just can’t concentrate. Hopefully that’s not the case!