Just give me the damn candy. newb problems

Are we sure it is not just the contrast trimmer?

Yes, the backlight resistor is correct so it might be a problem with the contrast setting… Stashy, try turning the contrast trimmer for many, many turns in one direction… and then in the other :slight_smile:

Maaaaaannn I feel like a fool. I took all these people’s time and here I just didn’t turn the trimmer far enough. I appreciate the support. Already trying to figure out what I’ll buy next. THE CANDY IS ALL MINE

This is a common issue, i guess fcd72 needs to apply another layer in the Shruthiversum banana chart. :wink:

i have some slight problems with the graphical implementation of a such a far below layer without any layers inbetween. I will hit the 16Bit border for the vertical size in most picture formats…

Then it may be time for the Katzenscheißeschleuder…hehe.

The stupid trimmer pot tripped me up the first few times as well. I guess it’s Just One Of Those Things™.